Dear Escondito

Testing Testing is this thing on? Can you all hear me? My name is Nicole Graves, you all know my Father Donnie Graves leader of the dark side. I escaped a death camp on March 30th 2021 in Southern Arizona to bring you this information. I need to share with you all some really important news.

  1. There is a worldwide epigenetic trigger of Autism Dyslexia and all chronic illnesses. This is to keep us all small, manageable and diseased. Our genes are being used against us and so is our humanity.
  2. There is a covert genocide of Hispanic, Black, and Italian people. But Hispanic is the most overt of the covert here on the west coast. It has to do with the GMO foods. But this is why Hispanic people have higher incidences of chronic illness and shorter lives, etc. You all are being killed to be taken out of the picture.
  3. The systems are all set up to make us ALL fail. Even if you benefit from one system the other systems are going to make you fail.
  4. Learned helplessness that we are taught to accept is just a systemic Candida infection. You all need to cleanse your bodies.
  5. The systems create a dysfunction in the way you process oxytocin so that you are more willing to commit crimes against humanity and unable to experience love and bonding. This is why women are so broken. Oxytocin plays a huge role in motherhood.

There are so many other ways the systems are destroying you all. I have written about it all on my blog I have been traveling up and down the west coast trying to get my message out. See, my birthrights(I have 3) outweigh my Brother’s birthrights, but they do me no good unless I find a husband. I need you all’s help so I can help you all heal and change the systems. I need you all to help me find a husband. I have been at this revolution for 290 days and I have to go back to Oregon to work and make money, but I need you all to take care of yourselves and your health and help me find a husband.

I will publish my blog posts when I get to wifi. I am in some of the news updates please look for me there. I have been unable to reach a lot of the Hispanic people in Southern California and I am hoping you can help me with that. They need to stop eating American Mexican food, it has been genetically modified to create great disease. It will kill them just covertly and slow and painfully. We all need to stop eating Mexican food and Italian food. Gluten and Corn are designed to create leaky gut and that is where all chronic illness starts. And stop drinking coffee it allows for your bad gut bacteria to grow, which feeds infections, parasites, viruses, etc in your body.

By the way I am not ‘Special” as my family tells everyone, I have Asperger’s genius. If you all could help me with spreading the news about everything I would greatly appreciate it. My life is in the hands of the odds, the gods, and you all and the more of you all I have in the know the better my chances of survival are. I appreciate you all for taking the time to listen to me and hear me out. Please take care of yourselves and look out for my news updates and stay tuned because I will need you all when I get to Oregon to keep me alive. I do better when people witness my life it keeps my family a bit accountable.

Thank you and love always

Nicole Graves

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