Dear Ex-Cons

Dear Ex-Cons,

I know what my family cult did to you in prison. They did the same things to me as a child at my home, except I was in solitary confinement most of my sentence. Do you remember what it is like to feel alive inside? It took me a long time to realize they stole so much from me. Have you realized how much they stole from you?

You have lead poisoning even worse than the everyday people because you were isolated and hidden away. They love to covertly torture people. It is like a family tradition that I am being punished for not taking part in.

This will never stop until you clean up the toxins in your body and stop doing their dirty work. You deserve better! You deserve everything you are willing to work towards. You don’t have to believe this yourself yet, just keep listening to me tell you that you do.

Good people deserve good things!



P.S. Sorry I gave you all a hard time for trying to kill me, but I take it kinda personally.

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