Dear Farmers & Ranchers

Dear Farmers & Ranchers

It only takes my family cult one swift move of retaliation to destroy what it took your families generations of hard work to build. I grew up in Oregon and my Dad’s family is from Texas, so I grew up around farmers. I even helped move irrigation pipes on a peanut farm before when visiting Texas as a child. What a mess and a ton of hard work. I admire what you do because I really appreciate quality clean food. I was a vegetarian/vegan for over 20 years before I recently started eating meat again. Fresh food is pretty close to a passion for me. Nothing feels better than fueling your body with what it truly needs to function and heal.

What do they make you put in the vegatables besides gmo’s? What do you have to put in the animal feed? Why do I have an autoimmune reaction to chicken and pork? What is really in bacon that is aiding in my family’s agenda? How do they make you destroy the soil and water quality?

I appreciate yours situation, but this is wrong and it is destroying your family’s legacies too.



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