Dear Front Desk Ladies At Barker Realty

Dear Front Desk Ladies At Barker Realty,

I am not much into revenge, but I am into accountability. When I saw you last week and started talking about my special interest of real estate inside sales your energies and faces gave me all the answers. Letting me know what I want to do in real estate is not only plausible, but that the owner and brokers are not all in on the war games that you choose to play. Thank you for allowing me to read you both like a book. I am sure my family will want to thank you for giving me the very last piece of the puzzle I needed to keep going and retain my hope. There is never really any winning with them. When will people learn?

However, money is the only way to find safety for you and your families. I am sure you do not make enough to create financial independence, but you do work at a real estate firm. So, I am sure you have seen people create great wealth very quickly. Real estate is amazing in this regard. With someone like me on your side I can make the transition into real estate easy because it is an overwhelming career jump. I would love that meeting with the owner that you handed me the office phone number and told me to go after. Let me know when you have that arranged, otherwise good luck keeping your children safe.

I have been putting up with people like you for a lifetime who want to create hassle in my life to save themselves. I am sorry to hold you accountable, but yet I am not. Also, there is the notion that the owner and brokers find out about what you have done and find out how much money you cost them. You have really placed yourself in a no win situation. Mars and the moon are in Leo so I am sorry, but yet again I am not.

Talk Soon

Nicole Graves

(724) 436-1523

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