Dear Hispanic People

I have spent months trying to get to you all. And I still have not accomplished my goal, but I have gotten to some of you all. I need you all’s help. I need for you all to gossip about my birthrights. My birthrights trump my Brother’s birthrights and I need for all the Hispanic people to know. The Hispanic people down here in Southern California do not all have access to my news updates and I don’t need you all to tell them everything. Just gossip about my birthrights. There is nothing against the rules about stating who someone is in the war games. There only seems to be an issue when you tell people they are being destroyed.

Well, the people down here left fighting are fighting for their own destruction. Please let them know who I am and what I represent because everyone deserves to know. I will figure out how to do the rest and let them know about the destruction of the world. Just gossip about who I am to them. I need you all to help me. I have worked so very hard to get to this point and I just need a little help. You all are all my Brother has left. We need to free you all and I need your help doing so.

Thank you and love always

Nicole Graves

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