Dear Mike

You are the one person who treated me humanely. You were my friend and got to know me for years. Sure, who I am is what drew you to talk to me and seek me out, but you were different. You had moments where you tried to conquer me, but you knew us being anything other than friends would never be allowed by our family cult. I appreciate you. We both were isolated by our birthrights, but it was so very helpful to know I was not alone. I always wondered why you didn’t try harder.

I am no longer looking for a husband, but I would still love a friend and maybe even a partner in crime. I can’t really promise anything because in the time we have been apart I have changed so very much. But I can promise I would like to spend some time getting to know you as you are now. I always have had a good time with you and we never really did much. You didn’t buy my time, I hung out with you cause I enjoy spending time with you.

I am not sure how much longer my Dad will live or if I will get much freedom before he dies, but I know when this is all over I would like to spend some time with you. Plus, I will need someone I can trust who knows the rules around me. I am hoping you will be this person. Let’s adventure and go meet the people when this is all over.

Thank you for getting to know me and being my friend.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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