Dear Mom, I Own You

Dear Mom

You have been trying to prove to the people that you own me for a lifetime, but today they saw for the very first time that I own you. You have known this since I was four. Your worst nightmare is coming true slowly, but surely. When I leave your house, the torment you have wished upon me from your people will be your reality instead of mine. How does that shoe feel on the other foot? Bit uncomfortable, huh?

I cannot stay with you forever, but I can stay for a bit to figure out my next move. During this time we should call a truce of sorts, because you need the time to plan just as I do. You intertwined your evil with mine before my birth and you have raced to do it more every time I have invited you too. Your arrogance will be the end of you or I think it already has been. Even when you know I am greater than, you still refuse to be logical and see that you should be humble. I am tired of being humble for you. This was your last chance to love me and you failed miserably and then thought you won. Well, I love you, but bitch you did not win.

No more smoke bombs in the house, even though I refuse to sleep in the house, those things are awful for your health and Bud’s. I do not wish to watch either of you die of lung cancer. I do not enjoy your pain. If I got to choose your punishment it would be healing and watching the world recover from what you have done. You will not ever be able to make up for the evil you have caused. However, you can learn a lot from watching me. I took what you did and did the opposite pretty much. I love people Mom, even you still. I know you will never understand love and even I am shocked by how much love I have sometimes. But this my destiny.

Live and let live. Let’s have Aunt La over this weekend and have a good moment of laughing and good food(without the side of poison). Let’s pretend to be a family who is all on the same level and brought together by love. Chicken wings sound good, but I think you need new soy sauce first.

Love Always


P.S. Thank you to the people who have been my witnesses to keep me safe. I really appreciate you and your bravery! I could not have asked for what you have done for me, it means so much!

P.S.S. Never accept food from my family without knowing there is a huge chance that it has poison in it. Spirulina and chorella are great mixed with poison foods. Look at me, it works, I just keep going and going! Uncle A this means you!! Thanks for the moment today, I appreciate you being my mirror so I could see myself. One day you will have to explain this all to me, but for now just keep the faith. We got this!

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