Dear Mom & Ryan

Dear Mom & Ryan,

Why do you hate me? My whole life it has always been you two against me and I never understood why. I thought that my freedom was just getting away from our family, never did I imagine you all would follow me no matter where I went. I will never understand why you do not love me because I love you both more than you all will ever understand. My Mom has seen parts of this love. When I first met Ryan when he was born my Mom saw how magical I saw him to be. “It’s like meeting a stranger you already know.”

My love has always been a threat. My smarts have always been a threat. My emotional intelligence has always been a threat. I am the biggest threat and yet I never intended to be anything other than myself. I just want to be the best me I can be. Sure I was fed idealistic information and views of the world, but I also embody it. I am proof you can be good even when born into darkness. And it is my burden to always be the odd man out in my family because of this.


Nicole Graves

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