Dear Native Americans Of New Mexico

Dear Native Americans Of New Mexico,

If I am going to be able to help either one of us, I am going to need somewhere safe to park in order to create work materials and keep my reproductive organs in tact and functional. I have no clue how to reach out to you all, so I am going to use my family’s gossip. I am not looking to trade anything other than my loyalty and promise to be a good person working towards positive change for us all. My brain and body just need a break after the past 50 days, before I can make any solid larger decisions.

All I need is some time and space to think clearly to figure out how to approach this overwhelming mess from a logical standpoint. If you can help me I would be forever in your debt and will work towards empowering you as I have promised before. I see your worth. Can you see mine?


Nicole Graves

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