Dear Olympia

Hi Olympia

I am back and I am more organized this time. But it looks like you all have heard. (Gotta love the state capital’s being used as information/communication hubs! I am catching on, I wonder what it is like down in Sacramento!?) Thank you for choosing me, because I chose you all a long time ago! I am excited to have you all apart of my revolution! Welcome to the beginning of the end. We start rebuilding soon!

On the way here I was thinking with all the pollution and the ports my Dad and Uncle D are planning a mix between Texas and San Fran here. I bet you have already seen the way your children are born change. I love having Asperger’s, but I would not want my child to have it. It allows for a lot of misunderstandings and frustrations. I have no clue what it is like to be “regular” Autistic, but I think it varies for everyone. I do not believe in genetically modifying our children. I hope you all are on the same page as me. If you have a child that was born here in say the last decade it would be bennificial(spelling?) to start a gluten free diet. Gluten messes with our minds, guts, and emotions big time! Help them experience the world in a clearer way by clearing their minds. It will make your life a lot easier.

I will be completely transparent, I do not know where we go from here. But we build as we fly! I cannot promise I will always know what to do or do the right things, but I can promise I will always have good intentions and be open to your input. This is your world as much as it is mine.

New beginnings are so exciting! I hope you all have as much hope for the future as I do. Life is beautiful and beauty surrounds us!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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