Dear Oregon People

Dear Oregon People

I have learned so much since I left Oregon last! I hope you all have been tuned in and learning too. I am probably going to come back to Oregon soon because it is time for me to go back to work. Which you all know will just be an opportunity for my family to get people to destroy me more. But this is what work always has been now that I understand what is going on. I wonder if they do this to you all too? I suppose that is why people want to earn privilege is to not be overtly covertly destroyed like me.

I have been thinking and the people that live near my Mom have done the best at being kind to me without really doing anything. They just bear witness. They have watched my whole life as my family destroyed me. However, now they watch and are a referee of sorts. My family will not break into my car when I park in front of the neighbors house. And sometimes this is all I need is a little fair treatment or even playing ground. It seems small, but it makes a world of difference. My family has never played fair and they are desperate now. Well, my Brother is desperate. And that makes my Mom desperate.

Which is weird because logically that makes no sense that my Mom would be so motivated. If my Brother succeeds and kills me, she is the very first one next. I do not understand them. You would think my Mom would want to undo some of the karma she has created in this lifetime right before she dies and help me. But logic is not their strong suit, reptilian brains you know.

This whole trip I have tried to get the world to get to know me, like the real me. Because that is what you are trained to do when you are held hostage, it humanizes you. Well, right now I am being held hostage by the world. My family is calling the shots, but the world is doing their dirty work because I do not like to get close to them more than I have to. The world is holding me hostage and killing me. You all are my captors.

Have I become human to you all yet? Do you see that I have a heart and soul and I bleed just like you all? Have you realized that I am not evil like my family or as they want you to believe that I am? Have you realized how hard I have had to fight to be a good person and stay alive? Have you realized I have not allowed myself to be bought by people who would have provided me a comfortable life, but would have wrecked havoc on you all’s lives? Do you see how I continually do the right thing over and over, even though I did not know all the facts? Do you see and realize that I have made your lives better my whole life by being a good person? Do you see I have made your lives better this year by being revolutionary and figuring out the puzzles on how they are trying to destroy us us all?

What are these things worth to you all? I did not do any of these things to earn a prize, but I would love to be treated fairly. Is there anyway you all can allow me to be human with you all instead of be warred on like the enemy? I do not need a lot, but I would love to be human with you all and be treated fairly. It would be a dream come true.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Are there still people up there who are not in the know about what has been happening this year? I wonder this all the time.

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