Dear Oregon People

Dear Oregon People,

I found you all on Instagram today and I hope you are ready to accept the biggest mission of your life. I need you all to help me change the world. You all know I have never enjoyed power and/or destruction, but this is why I am the most suited to be a leader of anyone in my family. I get to take over for them if I get married and have a baby. You all also know this is like my worst nightmare, but I am also eating raw meat nowadays so nightmares become reality. LOL Not really you got to try the raw meat it is amazing! 😉

So much has changed! My family sent me away to a death camp and instead of dying I flourished and healed cancer. I escaped on March 30, 2021 the day before my 40th birthday. I have been experiencing daily attempted murder ever since and not very covertly often. You all know how to spread gossip like wildfire. I need you to tell everyone I am still alive and my family has lied about me my whole life. They started Covid because they got caught in their lie about me being dead last year. They celebrated and announced my death too soon.

You need to help me start a revolution because there is still hope that we can end all this destruction. You all know I hate conflict, but this is worth being revolutionary over. We need to save you all’s children!! And I need to have a human child. I know you all may have hated me because my family torchured everyone who got somewhat close to me to show their power, but you also know I am not like them and have paid my whole life for my heart. Please tell everyone now is the time for a revolution. Over here in New Mexico, I have found a somewhat safe place to buy myself some time, but I will need you all’s help to get to where I need to be to make this revolution a reality.

Love you all

Nicole “ZiFi” Graves

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