Dear People Of New Mexico

Dear People Of New Mexico,

Hi my name is Nicole and you know my family of serial killers, but not well enough to embody their evil. I have seen you all look at me with wonder. You admire me, because you have only seen evil from my family. Never did you think someone who is driven by love would be able to do what I have done and continue to do. I can understand, me neither. Finding your breaking point is a very powerful thing. Have you reached your breaking point?

You all realize that I will need to choose a person to marry and if an ethnic family like mine cannot get to me, then I will need to choose from you people? Have you heard I believe in abundance and greatness? What lottery ticket looks better? One where a small group of people get crumbs or one where we all get abundance and to explore our potential? I am offering a new way of life.

Have you ever considered that you all deserve greatness? Because you do!



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Meet Haywood and Teka, you are killing them too. xoxo

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