Dear Scandinavian Nazi Descendants Aka “The Red Heads”

My Brother was poisoning the air in the room when I was writing my last post. Thus, my inability to stay on subject. So we have to thank him for the realizations in this post. As an INFJ my mind works in really weird ways because it has had adapted to extreme poisoning. I think all INFJs are a byproduct of the war games. Let’s follow this train of thoughts and see where it takes us. What a trip! LOL hahaha dry humor is kinda my thing.

This is what I have put together with logic and intuition:

The Nazis are divided too. I never thought about it before, but here in Oregon I am surrounded by mostly Scandinavian and Mexican Nazis. Well, and then there is my Mom’s family who I am starting to think were Russian Nazis. I was told that my Grandma was the daughter of a soldier and she was born in the 1930s. Her father could have very well been a Nazi. This makes sense because she had the same sales like mentality as my Father and they always had an interesting power dynamic between the two of them. Yet, she had no problem giving shit to the other men who married into the family, the Scandinavian Nazis. This is why my cousins on the Kudearoff side have lighter features than me and my brother.

The Argentina Nazis were the high ranking Nazis. This is why they are still greater than? There seem to be more of them in the South from my experience. Texas is probably their favorite place based on the state laws. So there is this hierarchy that may never go away even among the Nazis. Which basically means we live in a cast system. How depressing, right?

This explains why my best friend growing up was Norwegian. And why her parents were so invested in being close to me. They were my second parents and did help me a lot, but they also perpetuated my pain. I still do not understand why they hurt my bff so badly. But this does explain why Amanda Amanti died so young and used to poison me and my bff. She was a good soldier and she died a Grandma in her 30s. That is what growing up a descendant of Nazis does to people. She never had a chance. Shoot did any of us?

Here on the West coast my Dad has taken up working with the Scandinavian Nazis, but this isn’t the case nationwide is it? The Scandinavian Nazi descendants are the ones who gave me jobs in real estate in Arizona. Little did I know they were trying to use me as a weapon against my Father. They knew more about my abilities than I did and there were lots of “personality” tests involved.

Well, now I understand my abilities better than anyone. Never in my life did I realize how valuable my brain is till I did real estate. I was always told that everyone was just like me and I was just like everyone. On this adventure, it has really sunk in how much my brain differs from most people’s. I am not better than just extremely different, but effective and I have a birthright that is crippling on top of it.

All the descendants of Nazis basically rule the world still. So let me try this one more time. I am looking for an alliance. I understand the world I was lead to believe in does not exist now, but there have to be others like me who see this as not the way the world should be. I would love to meet you all or even one of you. You all are very ingrained in the real estate and the insurance industries and the only way I can reach out to the world is through work. I have been looking for another job because Allstate did not approve my insurance license(and yes I have good credit and no criminal history).

Hello, is there anyone out there like me? I just want to make a lot of money and I have the skills needed to do so even while experiencing a shit ton of poison and dry fasting through my workdays. Honestly, I would negotiate with the Talaban if they would let me sell insurance and real estate and eat clean food. Well, and have rights as a woman. People loved my Grandma Kudearoff for being like me, but people hate me for it.

All I do know is I am a really good bargaining chip in the war among the Nazis for control of the war games. Is there someone out there that is willing to take a chance? The statistical chances that it will work are much greater now that I understand what is happening and what is really on the line.

Let’s change the world!

Nicole Graves

“The enemy of my enemy is my ally.”

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