Dear Security Cameras-Pt 2

Dear Security Cameras Part 2

Last night, I was thinking about how I would solve this big covert puzzle, if I were in a place of authority. Who is the weakest link with the most to loose? Someone out there has probably noticed the great injustices of this world, but does not know where to even start.

Well, start with the women who give me evil smirks on the security cameras like they are in on a joke the rest of the world does not know about. They have estrogen dominance and fatty liver with bodies that are bottom heavy, but still have flabby arms from overproduction of cortisol. Especially, these kind of women who are middle aged Mom’s who have been or are married. These are the women who have signed up to take part in the war games for their own benefit, but in the end it has cost them anything and everything of true value. They mostly end up divorced and alone with grown children who put up with them but do not love them.

These women are empty inside and do not know who they are, but they do know covert destruction all too well. They have taken the largest part in these covert war games. Their elevated cortisol is due to their fear of having to be held accountable for their actions and their knowing that they cannot stop taking part in destruction because it has become a human need for them like breathing. These are the women who will turn on anyone they can to not be held responsible for their own actions. Their children and spouses will tell the tales of their need for covert and sometimes overt destruction without much hesitation, because they have been these women’s greatest targets/victims. The proof is in their children’s and spouse’s bones, in their kitchens, and bathroom products.

These middle aged women are the largest casualties of this war and yet they perpetuate this way of life like it is something to be proud of. Start with these women who try to look like they have it all figured out. Because in reality they have not figured out life, but rather only destruction.


Nicole Graves

P.S. Planet Fitness and grocery store security cameras I have been on would be the best place to start to find some of these women.

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