Dear Security Cameras & Satellites

Dear Security Cameras & Satellites,

Have you noticed all the big trucks and cars that park next to me and idle for long periods of time?

Have you noticed my electronics still keep getting hacked while connected to the Del Norte Credit Union Wi-Fi? It happens every time I connect to it.

Have you noticed all the people who give me evil smiles while in their car like they are in on a secret I do not know about, but look fearful when they are not in their vehicles?

Have you noticed the SS Soliders of Santa Fe have stopped their participation in the war games against me?

Have you noticed the union workers are going stronger than ever in their participation with the war games against me, now that the SS soldiers are out?

Have you noticed the chemicals on the grass at the cemeteries and the parks that cause damage to everyone’s gut bacteria?

Have you noticed that the showers at Planet Fitness are like concentration camp showers and spray people with chemicals?


Nicole Graves

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