Dear Southern LA Farmers

Dear Southern La Farmers

You all know why my Grandma Kudearoff was like a God to me? Because she offered unconditional love. Not just to me, but to everyone. Unconditional love is very important and something that is missing in today’s world. I want to be like my Grandma Kudearoff and be remembered for loving everyone unconditionally. I dont want to destroy or abuse people. I can see the good in everyone even the people who have done me wrong. I want to stay this way.

I have always loved unconditionally and just asked for people to do better. When you do wrong you do better and change your actions to do right by a person. No one has ever done right by me. And I have to believe this is because my Dad would never let anyone.

I know you all have a way with finding people and getting things done. Communication is my thing, but getting things done is your thing. Please reach out to A1 and Mr. Utah and let them know doing right by me is an option and it is even the expected thing now.

Even more importantly, my dog Teka who is 13 years old and half blind got picked up by someone today in Redmond. Maybe the Redmond Farmers can help me too. The man that was supposed to be my husband, please help me. I need you all to motivate the person who picked up my dog teka to get her chip scanned and get her back to me. The E poisons from the cars was strong tonight and she wanders and shes blind and shes friendly. Please help me. Please. Moments like this scare me because how am I ever supposed to have children when people will forever use the people and creatures I love against me. My heart is so very alive but I only get to share it with my dogs. My overt world is my dogs. I am alone in the world without them. Please help me. Please.

Please I’m begging for help. Sure A1 and Mr Utah I want them to want to do right by me. But my dog Teka has never done me wrong and I’m so scared that someone is hurting her right now just because she’s mine. Please do something. Anything, what good is power if you can use it for the important things in life. Is it really then?

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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