Dear SS Soldier Men & Other Men

Dear Men,

You know you have shorter lives because women poison men, right? How many generations has this been going on? Apparently, long enough for it to effect your life expectancy statistics. Men do not have the need to destroy as much as women. Which is weird because our society teaches us that women are good and nurturing. Well, ain’t that a lie!

I see you SS soldier men(who are not dead inside) being dragged around by your wives like children. What makes you stay? Is it the trauma bond? Is it trying to keep your family whole? Or is it the fear of being shunned and hunted like me? Or is it all of the above? You would rather put up with the destruction you are experiencing now rather than brave the unknown, huh? Probably because you know what women are capable of. I get that completely.

However, I also see the way some of you look at me with awe and wonder. It is as if you have given up on women being fair, just and loving. You know women like me do exist. It is just women like your wives who seek us out and destroy us as well. So maybe, we are more alike than you thought. Why keep the destruction you know when you could be missing out on the love that you don’t know?

Other men, you know you are just a pawn in this mess like me right. We have no real power by ourselves, only the power we give another by association. Which is really just the power to destroy us. It took me 40 years to realize, I have the power and I do not have to give my power away in order to be seen or heard. I can hear you and I know what you feel.

I am betting almost all the men out there, that are not dead inside, want a better life and world for their children and themselves. You do not deserve this destruction. Men used to be warriors and revolutionary. When did you give up your power to women in exchange for being destroyed? When did love leave the equation of partnership?

My Dad was revolutionary. He stood up to my Mom and the Kudearoff cult and took me away from them when he divorced her. If he can be that brave, so can you! Your children deserve better and if you will not give it to them who will? Do you want your daughters to grow up to only seek out destruction like their Mothers? Do you want your sons to never know the love of a woman, because they only are attracted to women like their Mothers, who continually destroys them for sport?

Are you ready to be revolutionary and stand up for what you deserve? Because you do deserve better. Love is not supposed to hurt or kill you.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Dear Security Cameras, do you also notice how the out of state license plates are out of whack around me? Washington, Texas, and Colorado appear more than they should on a daily. While Nevada almost never appears and Arizona only once in awhile. I wonder why?

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