Dear SS Soldiers Of New Mexico

Dear SS Soldiers Of New Mexico

I see those of you not dead inside looking at me with annoyance. How dare I make you have to do what you signed up to do! I have spent my whole life dealing with people like you, but I am the first of my kind you have met that denies the dark side as superior. I understand you have conformed to the world the way it was and did what you thought needed to be done to ensure you and your children have good lives. I can see the value in your decisions. Unfortunately, I never was given the option you were given.

However, when you look at me you are faced with your own humanity or lack thereof. The thing about the SS soldiers is they sign up to have a better life, but it ends up destroying them in the process. It is hard to continually carry out the evil of others and not take it on as your own. Remembering your heart and knowing love is almost impossible with this way of life. In your efforts for a better life, you curse your family with the same birthright of evil I was born into. Is this what you really want for your children, to never know love? To only pursue the destruction of others, rather than their own potential and greatness? Do you want your children to remember your love feeling like hate?

Dark empathy is inevitable when dealing with people like my family.


Nicole Graves

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