Dear Truck Drivers

Dear Truck Drivers

I have given you the worst time during this escape and I apologize. When I learned that the trucking industry was the highest in cluster b personality disorders, never would I have imagined my family poisoning you would be the reason. There is lead in gas/diesel and pretty much everything else, but it is making you sick. This is why you all have so many health issues. I can help you heal even if you have to continue to drive truck. Have you heard I healed cancer while living in a death camp? Well, I did and I would love for you to allow me to heal you all.

Good people deserve good things, and even good people make mistakes. You are not defined by one moment in your life, but rather a series of moments that are continuously being created. You have the power to change, because you deserve whatever you are willing to work towards.

I will keep telling you this if you need the reminder.



P.S. I am not stupid like my family told you, I have Asperger’s genius, so please stop being condescending.

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