Dear UPS USPS & FedEx

Dear Postal & Delivery People

Are you the ones who poison my packages or do they have a special position for that? Or does that actually happen at the Amazon warehouse? I did not know about you alls involvement until I lived in a death camp in Sierra Vista, Arizona. My first next door neighbor was one of you people. Plus, I got a p.o. box at USPS and the people there spoke volumes with their energy, but they started to like me after getting to know me over a couple years.

I know you all do not want to do all the evil you do. I am unsure how you got involved in this, but I assume it is the unions? Being around all the poisoned packages all day is not good for your health and keeps you manageable. Detoxing is something that would really help you from developing cancer later in life. I can help you heal and would gladly be the person to guide you in the right direction.

Watch the world change with me.



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