December Fasting Recap

I got serious about my fasting journey in December because I had to. Getting Covid for the second time made me take action to ensure that my health and immune system are in the best condition that is possible given my current situation. Currently, I do not have access to the vitamins, supplements, herbs, food, or really anything I enjoy using for my health, but the one thing that cannot be taken away is fasting. Less is more people, less is more.

I have been eating OMAD since I left Oregon the last time in Aug/Sept. But I had fallen off the keto/carnivore wagon and gave into eating potato chips to entertain myself and save money. It was good while it lasted, but I started getting sick and I thought it was just my Candida overgrowth acting up from the chips, so they had to go. In mid December I did a 3 day fast to help with carb cravings as I eliminated the chips and got back on track. It was hard, just because I was bored. But overcoming boredom is one of my skills after being kept small my whole life. When in doubt just lay around and go to the quantum field and walk the dogs occasionally.

Life is easy when you break it down to basics. Food is not a necessary thing daily, it is just something we have been conditioned to do to keep us small. So, the 3 day fast was amazing I saw great results in my body, immune system, and my healing. I did not quite overcome my cold all the way, but I did not know it was a cold at the time. I still thought it was just Candida overgrowth. So, I went back to OMAD, but only eating ground beef(2lbs a day).

While eating just beef, my Candida was not getting better and finally I realized it was a cold. And not just any cold it was Covid, Again! The first time I was so sick for weeks it was rough, but it allowed me to get a lot of work done and focus. So this time I allowed it to make me focus on my health. It was time to get serious. Starting Dec. 23rd, I began fasting and doing alternate day fasting. I have always loved fasting, but I have never gone more than a day. Probably because my Mom used to tell me I was starving myself when I did OMAD for many years, but OMAD is what kept me alive. Listen to your intuition and not what everyone else says and does. Your body and soul know what you need. Don’t follow the crowd, they are brainwashed and trauma bonded.

In total, I did 8 fasted days in Dec and OMAD the rest of the time. I even ate chips for the first couple weeks. And we are not just talking a few chips, I was getting most of my calories from potato chips. I was literally eating a whole bag a day of low sodium chips. By the way, do not eat chips that have full sodium. They are literally destruction in a bag just like candy and sugary treats. Sodium spikes your insulin. Okay so back on track, I only did 8 completely fasted days in December and even on some of those days when I felt hungry or my cortisol was really high I would eat some unsalted butter to calm me down. Some days I need it others I do not.

What have I noticed since starting this alternate day fasting routine?

Well, look at my eyebrows. My eyebrows are growing back and thicker than they have in years, in just a couple weeks. Yes, I have been taking a multivitamin and vitamin D w/ K2 regularly, but that is it for vitamins. It has been many years since I have had full eyebrows, at one point I even lost my eyelashes when I was in Las Vegas. Fasting heals SIBO and when I was in Las Vegas my family and A1 destroyed me with SIBO. Well, they have my whole life, but they really went to town in Las Vegas because I was writing a blog about narcissism and cluster b personality disorders.

Do you see my skin? I have not showered in weeks and I am definitely not using any fancy skin creams. I do not even wash my face regularly honestly. When I can get a somewhat clean paper towel and water that is not too poisoned I wash my face and try to peel off the dead skin, but that is it.(Hey, life is about survival right now!) My skin has not looked this clear and fresh in years, many years. Like since before I left Oregon to move to Portland in 2013ish. That was when I first started taking a multivitamin regularly. They make a huge difference in so many things!

As far as weight goes, when I first arrived in National City around the beginning of December I weighted about 140lbs. I am not sure what I weight now, but I am guessing about 135 to 130lbs. Nothing crazy as far as the weight loss, but my skin is so much tighter and my chub is going away. Once I shower I will find out what my body really looks like and how much it weights. I really need to exfoliate and probably have a pound of dead skin on me. Your skin is a detox organ, do not neglect it. I have been making sure to get sunshine on my skin as much as possible when walking the dogs, but that is it for the skin.

Mental clarity is something that has really improved. It is hard to say what was me fighting off the cold and what was me me. But in the past few weeks my mental clarity has improved so much. I am not as emotional. Emotions are something you should be able to experience and then push aside. They should not be something that dictates your life. Emotions are supposed to rule your life. Logical thought should rule your life. The more I heal my gut and body the easier it is to put my emotions aside and focus on what is at hand.

My food cravings have almost disappeared. I still think about food occasionally, but then I think about what I would actually feel like if I ate it and I am repulsed. Food is a tool for destruction and it makes me sick. I do not want to feel like that. This is how I used to feel when I was really good at doing OMAD for many years(age 25-34). Food is a take it or leave it experience. I want what I want and if that is not available I will go without. Sure, I do miss the comfort of sport eating, but that is all it is is sport eating. It is a mal-adaptive coping mechanism that I was taught to make myself self destruct. I was taught when I was bored to look outside of myself for comfort, rather than inside and to God or whatever your higher power is. True comfort is not found in the material world. True comfort that cannot be taken from you is found in the quantum field and in knowing yourself. You are supposed to comfort yourself, not look towards food to do it.

Time, I have so much more time now. This is not the best now, but normally it is awesome. This is what I loved about OMAD is I had so much more time to not think about food. Well, now I have even more time to not have to think about food. And I eat the same thing every time I eat, so it is really easy. No thinking, no planning, just doing. I hate wasting my energy on the little things in life. There is no real progress made and I feel like it is a complete waste of time. This is what the old systems are set up to make you do, is waste your time on pointless activities that get you no where. But yet you do them over and over all the time. I really love eating simple. I have tried for so long to eat simple, but it has taken years to uncomplicate my diet. Keto was the worst I needed so many random things and vegetables were/are annoying because they go bad so quickly. Not to mention they feed the bad bacteria in your gut and make you self destruct. But you know the food system is the worst system, it is created to make you diseased so you buy into the rest of the systems that make you buy into learned helplessness. You are Not helpless, you are powerful.

My hair has been a problem for years just like my eyebrows. I am pretty sure in a couple weeks I have not seen much improvement in my hair growth, but I will let you know when I wash my hair. Earlier this year when I first started eating raw meat I got a lot of new hair growth. However, when I went to my Mom’s to get my insurance license in the summer I lost a lot of my hair from being poisoned, stress, and eating all kinds of things even though they were mostly keto.

Food is a weapon, it has been used against me my whole life. If I had not learned about fasting I would have died a long long time ago. Fasting and going against the grain and society is the best thing you can do in a world that is set up to make you fail. Any time you conform you are conforming to your own destruction. Why allow yourself to destroy yourself? When you know better you can do better, right?

Overall, alternate day fasting has been amazing. I am eating 2.25lbs of raw ground beef every other day, but I share it with my two dogs. So, about 1.5-1.75lbs a meal is mine. And I am pretty full until I eat next. I do like to sit around a bit after I eat because I am stuffed, but it gets me through and is helping me heal. I am unsure how long I will continue this experiment, but I am loving the results. Ideally, I would like to eat more cooked meats. However, I will continue with the alternate day fasting for as long as I can without getting too skinny. I am sure that will be awhile, maybe a couple more months. And even then I could just add in eating more butter on my fasted days to sustain my body weight. I am excited to see where this experiment takes me.

Life is all about trying new things!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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