Dental Work Gone Wrong, I Found The Source Of My Cancer

About 22 years ago, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. This was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and that is saying a lot. I ended up with dry socket and my life went really dark for a couple years after that. However, I just thought it was me, because I taught to blame myself and never expect to feel good.

Well, now that I am getting to about 3 weeks of no carbs and on my about 11th day of fasting(I am doing another 3 day fast, instead of the norm 2), I finally have figured out where the disease is in my body. My SIBO is almost healed up enough to feel all of my feet and my back is close to better. My ribs are still uneven, but I assume that will come next after I walk on my full feet and hips for a couple weeks.

The hidden infection in my body is my jaw. I used to get botox in my jaw when I was in Las Vegas so I would not clench, but I never thought about it stemming from dental work. I have only had about 3 cavities in my whole life. However, I never considered that the infection from when I had my wisdom teeth 22 years ago was still with me. Even after taking antifungals and natural antibiotics since 2014, it is still with me. No wonder I get emotional some times and could not figure out what the cause was. I am not an emotional person, but sometimes I just cannot help it. It is the infection in my jaw/head. That is enough to make anyone emotional. Once again I found another way my family inserted a self destruct button on me. No wonder they looked at me with such an evil smirk every time I ate something my whole life. They wanted to drive me crazy literally.

How many of you all have had dental work that went wrong? Or dental work that was just traumatic? Have you ever done a cleanse or detox to make sure the infection was completely gone? Antibiotics may make the symptoms go away for a bit, but they do not clear up the infection most of the time. Your teeth are so close to your brain, it is a very sensitive area. I always knew the dentist was into destruction, but now I understand how.

How many of you have crowns or other dental work where they remove teeth? How many of you have a root canal that you have never quite felt the same since? I think it is time to cleanse if you said yes to any of these. I am blown away that I could have an infection in my face/jaw/head for most of my life and not realize it till today. If it wasn’t for the messages my Brother sends me on You Tube I would not have figured it out. So let me give you an overt message. Your dentist is a tool for destruction. You probably have an infection in your jaw/face/head. Why not cleanse and see if you feel better because an infection that close to your brain could make you scared of living a good life. It could make you live in fear. It could make you small, manageable, and diseased.

Live your dreams.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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