Don’t Drink The Water

Does the water at your house make your lips burn and tingle after drinking it? This is the chemical they use to make people go “crazy”. It was in the tap water at my work too. When my Brother has all his water bottles clean on the kitchen counter, I know something is up. This is the chemical they have used on me for a lifetime. Move your lymphatic system and breath. Do not let anyone get you sucked into an argument just because your heart rate/blood pressure is higher than normal. Use this as a moving mediation of sorts that helps you with fasting and loosing weight. As a child I learned to count my heartbeats as I was going to sleep. This is something that can be used when awake as well as a self soothing method. Focus on your heartbeat, your breath, and come into your body focusing on your core. What they want is to get you discombobulated. The more you breath the more control you have.

The next few weeks are really important for me at work. This is why things are getting way worse. Well, that and I have been “speaking my mind” here. Freewill is only so much. However, the ability to believe in myself is the greatest part of freewill. If you don’t believe it, it won’t happen and that is a self fulfilling prophecy. When you are surrounded by people who cut you down so that you conform to their dark ways, remember why you started! Remember who you are when you found yourself in the desert. You are more than my family cult will ever admit because that would mean you would be empowered. You are powerful, good may not be as flashy as the dark side, but it has hidden magic that can save your soul.

I may have needed this pep talk as much as you. Thank you to everyone who reads/hears my blog. I appreciate you, even if you are on the dark side. Because taking in my words is allowing me to show you my perspective. And I may not change your mind now, but I have forever changed you. Information changes people, this is why my family cult is so into withholding information. Be brave, learn something new this weekend that will make your life better.


Nicole D. Graves

P.S. My family cult wants you to forget who you are and accept who they tell you you are. It’s a trap!

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