Eat More Meat

My Mom yelled at me for eating raw meat last night while making my hamburgers, but this morning she invited me to wash the dogs so we all could come inside the house. Can you tell which response was emotionally driven and which was just orders from my Dad to be nice? The goal is not to go inside her house, but rather to leave and never have to come back. Once again they are trying to use my humanity against me. Of course I would love if my Mom was capable of love, but I think I finally understand it is something she is just not ever going to be capable of.

However, there are answers in her emotional responses. So I researched eating raw meat last night. And low and behold it seems like me eating raw meat is another part of my revolution. Weston Price researched nutrition in the 1930s, which is the same time my Great Grandpa Hitler was working on his World War. (Fragment: Daddy Bennit did not have fatty liver like everyone does nowadays) It seems people are more civilized when they have the nutrition they need, crazy huh? Part of why the world is the way it is today is because we are starving for nourishment.

Everything comes full circle. Eat more meat!


Nicole Graves

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