Emotional Intelligence, Common Sense, Parasites, & Prisons

Emotional intelligence comes from having a full emotional spectrum and logic. Common sense comes from using your senses. When you are stuck in your reptilian brain you cannot have neither because you do not have an emotional spectrum, the ability to think logically, or the ability to use your senses fully. This is why the world is experiencing cognitive decline along with many other factors we have discussed.

Being in a stressed state is what keeps you in your reptilian brain. But it has to be more than that otherwise I would not know so many of the things I know about the human experience. Because I have been kept in an uber stressed state most of my life. There has to be another factor in the equation.

Did you know most mental health conditions/illnesses are linked to parasites? Schizphrenia(sp?) and biopolar are linked with a parasite that cats carry. There also is a parasite that is linked to poor driving. There are many parasites linked to many different things. Have you ever hung out with a person who had a cat? Have you ever hung out with someone who’s Mom had a cat? Have you ever eaten food made by someone who had a cat? Have you ever eaten out where someone working there had a cat? Have you ever been to a mental health facility where people with many different kinds of mental illnesses go? Well, are you starting to get the idea of how easy it is to get a parasite when you have a lowered immune system? If you all did not have a lowered immune system you would not be scared of Covid. You all are kept weak so you live in fear of everything, but you are not fearing the right things.

In January 2019, I did a Hulda(maybe Hilda?) Clark parasite cleanse. She is well known for her parasite zappers. This was the first real parasite cleanse I ever did and I was hooked afterwards. It was expensive, but I loved the results I could tell it was working. This is TMI, but parasites are spread through sex. So every woman(well everyone including boys) who grew up in the war games has been exposed to multiple parasites from a young age. I am starting to think this is why women are so dead inside(more so than men). The ph is different in the vagina versus the anus thus allowing for more things to grow. Anyways I did this parasite cleanse and I had read about parasites coming out and eggs coming out, but never in my life did I think I would experience what I did. I had a sac of eggs come out of my vagina that was pretty large and beyond gross. But it finally made me realize that all the trauma I experienced as a child was still walking around with me in the present moment. I had never been taught to cleanse my body in any way. I had never been taught a lot of things. I was never supposed to overcome the dysfunction I was supposed to give into the dysfunction. What have you all done to cleanse your body of the dysfunction of the trauma you have experienced by the systems?

Food and sex are two things cluster b personality disordered people are obsessed with and so are the people in the war games. Think it is a coincidence? I do not. Food and sex are two great ways to spread parasites. If bipolar and bad driving can be cured with a parasite cleanse, why can’t your fear of living a better life be cured with a parasite cleanse?

You were never supposed to overcome the dysfunction you were supposed to give into it and accept it as your own. But it is not your own, it belongs to the old systems. Take your power back by taking your body and mind back.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. I can have an emotional outburst and talk about my feelings without being consumed by them. Yes, I meant what I said yesterday. I am not going to help you all until you help me. However, I am going to talk/write about my thoughts because that is what has kept me alive all these years. Yes, I get lonely but people have never been the answer to that loneliness. People have been the cause of my loneliness. If you all were more human and like me I may want to be around you all more. But as you are now, I am better off by myself.

My Brother does not understand emotions and would like to think I am weak. He put out a handgun manual last night for me to see. I have no desire to kill myself. I have no desire to partake in destruction. I only have a desire to be myself fully like I have never been allowed to. Do I miss life as I have always known it, not really. I miss cooked food, showers, clean clothes, etc. But my life has never been comfortable. It has just been different versions of prisons that look good on the outside to varying degrees. You all live in a prison too, it just looks better than this version prison I am currently in. How much longer are you going to let yourself be held prisoner?

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