Inducing Cortisol and Circular Thoughts

Have you noticed how my family likes to keep people in a panic state, so they are reactive and easy to handle? Well, I did learn from the best when it comes to evil. I love the communist brand of evil, because it just works the best. When I wrote about what my family cult make different groups of people do to the public and certain individuals, not only did I induce my family’s cortisol levels, I also spun them out with circular thoughts. This is a trait of cluster b personality disorders, you can get them stuck on something and spinning out of control.

My family cult has no clue how to self soothe, let alone how to calm others. Now all I have to do is sit back and watch them self destruct. Will you allow them to destroy you in the process and take you down with them? Or will you stand up for what is right? It may take some time, but they do not know how to live in the light. How much fancy footwork will you do to try to stay in the dark with them? How long do you think this will or can last without someone being held responsible? And in the end, who will be held responsible?

Just some thoughts

Nicole Graves

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