Envision The Future We Want-Money Buys Freedom

I do not get my freedom when my Dad dies and neither do you people, huh? My Brother is the second in our family, so he will take over. The only way you all are free of him is if I have a child. And the only reason he has not continued with the changing of the guard is because he does not want to share the money with me, huh?

My Mom always used to tell me that she would take me out of her will if I did this or didn’t do that. But it was an empty threat, huh? They do not have control of that stuff do they? I do not understand that, but it has to be the only reason my Brother does not want to officially take his place of covert power. Money and power are the only things he loves in life. That is why he likes to take our young second cousin “hunting”.

I do not like power, but I do enjoy the freedoms money can buy. I am more than happy just being someone you all listen to talk about life and how we can do things better. Power has never been something that has appealed to me. With great power comes great responsibilities. I hate responsibilities, it is so time consuming.

So this adventure has been about keeping me from money, just like the rest of my life. Just like they did with my Grandma Kudearoff’s inheritance they kept from me. My Brother knows that with money I am more likely to have a baby and take his place of power from him. Wow, this thing just never ends huh?

Well, the good news is I am kind of warming up to the idea of having kids and I still have time to do so. The sooner we all are on a level playing field and understand what all is happening in the world and the old systems the sooner we can figure out how to move forward.

Just because we do not know the how, does not mean it is impossible it just means that we have to figure out what the desire we hope for looks and feels like. Once we can envision and feel what we desire, then we can create it. So, I still want you all to feel the freedom we all desire and the power that freedom of information can give us all.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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