Enzymes Are The Answer To EVERYTHING!!

The old systems created a food industry that drains your body of enzymes. You need good bacteria to have enzymes. Enzymes help you digest your food and toxins in your body, while absorbing nutrition. This is why our health started failing around the industrial age, when food became processed. Processed foods do not have enzymes because they are dead.

This all just hit me and the pieces came into place. So I am writing this out for me just as much as you all.

When I was 8 and I had my head surgery, that is when my health went to shit. I swelled up like a whale and I started getting stretch marks and having autoimmune issues that were never addressed. This is when I retreated into my quantum field and never really came out till I was in my 20s.

When I went to live with my Dad after my parents divorce, I was alone most of the time and had to fend for myself. He would buy me the cheap noodle boxes so I could cook for myself because I was in 6th grade. I rarely ate meat unless we ate out or it was lunch meat because it was not available to me. By that time any time an adult asked what I wanted to eat, I would ask for real food. When I told my Grandma in Texas this she looked at me with dismay. She knew they were torturing me, but she didn’t understand the extent of what was happening, no one did. However, this normally did get most adults to cook for me. Except for my Dad, he would take me to fast food or order pizza, etc.

When I had surgery when I was 8 that was the icing on the cake. My gut bacteria was shot and I no longer had a store of enzymes or the ability for my gut bacteria to produce more and help me digest my food. This is why I was starving and fat. I was always hungry and food never helped because I could not get nutrition from it, by design. My SIBO was so bad I had autoimmune diseases just like when I was in Arizona. I think this was meant to break me and if it didn’t they hoped it would kill me and I would take care of myself. This is exactly what they are trying to do to me today. They feed me countless subliminal messages about food, but they do not seem to understand the food they send me messages about I cannot digest and they hurt to eat.

This is why I love fermented foods. They help restore your gut bacteria and help you break down food and get nutrition from what you intake. They help build back up your enzyme stores. Our gut bacteria is warred on everyday and every time you eat processed foods you are depleting your enzyme stores. You are killing your gut bacteria because you are feeding the bad bacteria with stuff that will sit in your stomach, intestines, and colon and rot. This is why my Dad has colon cancer. This is why my Brother worries about colon cancer. This is why everyone needs to make sure their colon is clean.

Eating raw meat on this trip has literally saved me. I could tell it was making amazing things happen in my body, but I did not logically understand it until today. Raw meat has live enzymes in it. Allowing for my body to get nutrition from the food I eat. This is why I was able to eat chips for so many months this year and still improve my health. The enzymes from the meat helped me break down the processed foods. When I was in Las Vegas I used to take apple cider vinegar pills like they were going out out style. Now I realize that is because they have enzymes. And enzymes help you remove the toxins from your body.

Lack of enzymes is why everyone is swollen and inflamed. Not only are you not getting nutrition from your foods, but you are not able to clear the toxins from your lymphatic system. This is how they gave me cancer. I had a build up of toxins in my lymphatic system from them poisoning me so much and eating fruit when I was in Las Vegas. You need to remove the toxins from your body and enzymes are the way to do this. This is why they have the people who gang stalk me eat at fast food places like chik fila and in and out burger. This will deplete your enzyme stores and create epigenetic triggers.

As you sign up to destroy me thinking you are a good person. You are destroying your health and becoming the bad person they want you to be. Because when you are sick and do not know what is happening with your body, you will seek the answers outside of yourself. And then the real fun for them begins. When you accept learned helplessness and look towards the systems for answers, they will have you right where they want you. You will do whatever they say and request to try to save yourself. But they will never give you any of the answers you desire. They will just destroy you more and more and more. Till the pain is so bad you give into being a bad person who is helpless and willing to do whatever they ask no matter how much of a crime against humanity it is. When you disregard your own humanity you will disregard the humanity of others without thinking twice about it.

When you eat dead things you become dead yourself. This is what the old systems bank on and it is working for them. Look how many of us have inflammation, disease, and are over weight. We all are being destroyed by the systems in an effort to turn us to the dark side.

Fasting, fermented foods, and more meat are the answers. STOP eating processed foods. They are not only killing you they are destroying your humanity and setting you up to partake in destruction in an effort to save yourself.

You deserve better, we all deserve better.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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