Epigenetics Is Why I am Different

I have always wondered why I was different than my family. Genetically I am like them. Genetically I am like all the South Americans and Communists. It makes no sense that I am so different. Well, at least it didn’t until this adventure.

My gene expression is entirely differently and this is what really counts. Sure we are born with predestined genes, but how those genes express themselves is your choice. You are not helpless to be like your family, you are in control of who you are. Not only biologically, but in all ways.

How you live your daily life is what effects your epigenetics. This is why identical twins who are separated at birth can be so different. Your habits, routines, environment, and culture/religion effect the way your genes express themselves.

So what is the big difference in the way I lived my life versus the rest of the South Americans and Communists? I did not take part in the war games. Thus, I do not have Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy. See in order to covertly destroy another you have to destroy yourself. Look at my Brother and how much he has deteriorated since I have been around. He has gained at least 20lbs from poisoning me with smoke bombs and eating food that is poisoned/designed to make us all self destruct. From an epigenetics point of view, it is better to be thin and malnurished than over weight and malnurished. Everyone in the war games has nutrition deficencies.

So when you destroy yourself in order to destroy another there are consequences. Your brain may tell you it is okay, because that is what you were taught by your family. But destroying another is never okay.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Small things you can do to improve your epigenetics:

  • Put a house plant near your bed and add more plants to your home in general. But your bedroom is the most effective because your body heals and repairs itself while you sleep.
  • Sleep more. Your body needs sleep to repair and heal itself. This is why my family cult is big into sleep deprivation. Feel like a nap? Do it! It is not lazy it is practicing self care and healing.
  • Eat fewer carbs. Carbs increase insulin which effects the amount of nutrition we are able to absorb from our food. I invite you to look at the food in the grocery stores as an invitation to think for yourself, because most of the food today is literally designed to make you self destruct. (Ex. Fruit is worse for your liver than eating a cookie.)
  • Move more. Your lymphatic system is what helps you detox all the toxins from the war games and modern world. However, it does not have a pump. It is merely a filter system waiting to be utilized. So move your body to use it. Your body is amazing and designed for healing.
  • Take a multi-vitamin.
  • Focus on getting fat solluable(spelling?) vitamins, K2, and Vitamin A. If you get enough of these you will get the rest by default. Look up Weston Price, he was a dentist who did nutrition research to figure out why people were experiencing poor dental health in the 1930s. My family cult is using this research against you all because people with nutrition deficencies are more manageable and willing to commit crimes.

Excuse my spelling, I suck at it and do not have the patience to fix it. You get what I mean!

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