Ex Military Gang Stalking & Attempted Murder Today

Ex military have taken their turn of gang stalking and attempting my murder today at the river. They poisoned my soda in my Jeep with the chemical that makes my lips and teeth numb, mildly spikes my cortisol, increases my blood pressure, has a bit of a hallucinagenic(spelling?) effect, and interferes with absorbing nutrients from my food. I thought I had freed the military a long time ago on this adventure back in New Mexico, but I never thought about ex military. However, I did learn that the military is for sure involved in the Utah project. I knew this, but I do not know if I have ever written this down. Then I realized there are quite a few things I have not written down. So let’s talk about them!(Fragment: I think if you are not born into the war games you can earn a place by excelling in the military.)

  • My Dad also carries on his family tradition of Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy. He has killed his wives, Kris and Brenda in order to gain their territories here locally in Eugene/Springfield. This seems to be common knowledge, but yet no one has ever said or done anything about it. I am still not sure how murder is allowed on the South American side, but yet not technically allowed. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. In Santa Fe, there were countless graves for people under 40 who were from my family cult. So this tradition is not just my Dad, but all of the South Americans. I wonder if the Scandinavians kill their kids too? Guilty by association, right?(Fragment: My Mom always told me to be careful about who I hang out with because guilt by association was a big thing. Now I understand she was talking about the war games/crimes)
  • People do not seem to understand that people are unnecessary in my life. I have been conditioned to not need people by the way I was raised and treated by the world. Since 2015 when I moved to Las Vegas full time, I have not been too interested in people. To me people just mean pain and complicating my life. I did people for my magazine column, but never really invested too much outside of that.(Fragment: Now I understand why some porn stars looked at me like I was the famous one. ex. Lexington Steele & Jaden Cole)
  • Adam Gonzales, thank you for really seeing me and not hurting me. I thought about you the other day and realized you saw me for who I am beyond my birthright. Not many people were able to do this. However, there is a list of people who were interested in conquering me, for their own purposes or on orders from my family cult, who chose not to. I appreciate you all for being human. Humanity is a rare trait in the war games.
  • My Dad has stolen from The Certain One in the name of punishment. The Certain One was given orders to murder me and chose not to even though I gave him ample opportunity. He felt so familiar. Now I realize most men in my life were given the cliff notes to me and were apart of my family cult so it makes sense that they felt familiar. The Certain One has paid dearly for the opportunity for me to wake up and realize my place of power. You all owe him and need to thank him greatly. If his territory is not returned to him by the time I come into power I will do it, but I hope he does not have to wait for that. No one deserves to be punished for their humanity and/or hope for a brighter future.
  • I have given the Scandinavians an ultimatum. Either they help me or they will have to deal with the consequences of forever turning their head the other way when they see destruction. They are merely stuck in a loop of generational trauma from the Holocaust. They view their silence as necessary for survival. We all have generational trauma that must be addressed from my family cult. Just because our families have done things this way or that way for generations does not mean it is right. It just means it is a conditioned habit.
  • To all the air traffic/Air Force on orders from my Dad. Air traffic records are extremely documented. I am pretty sure I will be able to get my hands on these records when I take over for my Dad.

So for now we just hang out. Being alive is a beautiful experience even when my family cult tries to take away anything that brings me peace, hope, and/or happiness. Hope you all are having a great weekend.


Nicole Graves

License plates from today: Oregon 433 HNT, 436 MQF, 668 GCX, 835 MRT, 975 KQT, 441 LMA, 507 HWZ, 105 CYR, 032 LLW, 203 LAN, 901 MGL, 171 EPB,703 MHP, 9U-0878, 404 EUG, 040 KWD, 406 LME, 904 DWD, 9V-1793, 015 DKP, 884 MMV, 356 MCP, VIN #5N1AR2MN7FC699318 OR Light Vehicle trip permit 0509690, 451 DXX, 199 DRR

P.S. I am so tired of seeing children who are such big love, but not loved by their Mothers. Doesn’t this experience make your stomach turn, because you remember what it felt like to be the innocent child who just wanted to be loved?

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