Examples Of Epigenetic Triggers: Be Aware & Beware

  1. Tap water- has chlorine, heavy metals, etc
  2. Swimming pools-when you take your child to swimming lessons as a youngster that could create epigenetic triggers that last a lifetime if not addressed
  3. Plastic bags, tin foil, wax paper, parchment paper, tupperware
  4. All food-even raw meat has poisons added to it
  5. Bottled water-the water itself is poisoned and the bottle creates estrogen dominance thus cancer and makes your brain reinforce addictive behaviors more
  6. Plastic everything-plastic leads to cancer because it causes estrogen dominance
  7. Housing/Buildings-off gasses for it’s lifetime just to different degrees depending on the age
  8. Air-the air quality has been destroyed-all you have to do is breath to create a negative impact on your epigenetics
  9. Grass-the chemicals on grass damage your microbiome thus creating epigenetic triggers
  10. Immunizations-they contain heavy metals and antibiotics and many other things they do not have to disclose-after getting your child immunizations you need to do a heavy metal cleanse on them
  11. Soap & all body products-they go directly through your skin and into your bloodstream bypassing the liver and are filled with chemicals-Plus antibacterial products damage your microbiome greatly
  12. Laundry products-go straight through the skin into the bloodstream bypassing the liver
  13. Fruit-genetically modified so much it is designed to grow the bad bacteria, parasites, and viruses in your body and create disease
  14. Coffee-has fiber in it that is designed to grow the bad bacteria, parasites, and viruses in your body and create disease.
  15. GMO plants-genetically modified to create leaky gut to cause disease and malnutrition
  16. Chicken, Pork, & Seed Oils-cause inflammation and disease due to Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio
  17. Asphalt/Roads- release chemicals into the environment and air
  18. Makeup-poison/chemicals that go straight through skin into bloodstream and bypass the liver
  19. Cleaning products-chemicals that cause cancer, but on a small scale before cancer they cause epigenetic triggers
  20. Cookware-adds more poison into your foods

There are many epigenetic triggers in our world and throughout the systems. We could go all day listing them. The everyday little decisions you are making are changing you on a gene level. You can allow them to make you better or worse, the decision is up to you.

You just have to be aware and know when to beware.

Love Always

Nicole Graves