Fear Based Motivation

I have had a lot of time to think about my revenge. My whole life I have been tortured and so I know what hurts the most. However, I also understand people like my Mom are not motivated by hope, love, and/or a better life. People like my Mom are motivated by fear. Fear is her biggest motivating factor. So allow me to appeal to those of you who are dead inside.

The Kudearoff family is known for being ruthless. Hitler was known for being ruthless. My Father is known for being ruthless. My Mother is known for being ruthless. My Brother is known for being ruthless. Do you think I missed out on this family trait? … I did not, I am just the one who has held back her whole life. Therefore, if you think about it logically I have a lifetime of ruthless inside me just waiting to be allowed out.

I escaped a death camp in March. What do you think the SS soldiers who worked there will do for me to get into my good graces? 🙂 I bet you can imagine.

I will not be unleashing my evil on you all, but I will allow those who have done me wrong to gain my good graces by punishing those who I deem beyond hope. Here I am being revolutionary and have put my everything on the line not only for myself, but for the people as well. Do you think I will bless those who go out of their way to torment me? Or do you think I will punish them?

Accountability is a super power because if you can’t control yourself others will.


Nicole Graves

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