Financial Reparations

Let’s talk financial reparations. Not only have I been kept small, but everything I ever owned and earned has been ruined. Even at my Mom’s house earlier this year my expensive shampoo and conditioner were ruined, the fancy dog food I buy was poisoned, my lotions, my food, my mattress, etc. You all get the point, there are no limits to the destruction in my life. They destroyed me so much that I had to spend my life savings on healing cancer after running away to the desert. There has to be some accountability for this.

I gave up everything I have ever owned but my dogs, my journals, and my jeep to accomplish this revolution. It may not be over, but I do not think that I should have to pay for making up for the destruction we all experience. There has to be some justice.

When I was in Arizona I gave up buying nice things because I had to throw away suitcases full of clothes and boxes full of stuff that were poisoned so much and ruined. I stopped trying to even have nice things. I would very much so like to buy new clothes when I go home and I would like to know that those things will be safe. I would like to know that I will be safe.

Who is going to pay for all this destruction? It should not be me, because I am the one who endured and overcame it all. Where as my Dad and Brother instigated it all. War games referees I need some justice here, I understand I am asking a lot, but I have given up everything to open you all’s eyes to your blindness. It is not that I am looking for a payday, I very much so want to work. I just need some help with some justice.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Nicole Graves

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