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I drove to Eugene this morning before work to see the people. All I see is concern and it is not concern for me, but rather self preservation. You all do not know who you are. I realized today that I am not the only one that has experienced brainwashing my whole life, you all have too. However, my brain works differently so not all the brainwashing works/worked. So let me tell you what I know.

You are not your name or your bloodline. You are who you are inside, where no one can see. No one can tell you who you are, unless you allow them to. Yes, there are tricks my family cult can use to light up your brain. But dear lord just take everything anyone else says with a grain of salt.

Has anyone ever explained NLP to you? It is literally how you have been brainwashed, how we all have been brainwashed. When the world went dark in the 1980s everyone started telling me who I was. They did it before the world went dark, but afterwards they started telling me I was dark. Did they do the same thing to you? I assume so because why would you accept such darkness without thinking you had something to do with it?

“So, I stumbled down the NLP rabbit hole after reading an article advocating the use of NLP in not only sales and marketing but also as a way to influence people and “get ahead in life”. Immediately, my mind went to narcspeak and word salad and word garbage and all those terms we use to describe how a narcissist can twist a conversation to serve a purpose. By speaking just a few words in a specific tone and sometimes by not speaking at all, a narcissist can distract, confuse and manipulate an innocent target into backing down, giving up or apologizing for EVERYTHING.  The nefarious similarities between the manipulative nature of narcspeak and the mind-control headiness of NLP were astounding. I had to wonder…like the chicken and the egg, what came first, narcissism or NLP? Did some diabolical, self-aware narcissist in the 70’s decide to sell the concept of narcspeak manipulation to the public under the guise of self-help and make a few million? Given the crazy and somewhat gruesome origins of NLP, this is exactly what happened.” ~Article linked below

NLP worked on me even with my abnormal brain functioning. That is until I consciously learned about it! Isn’t it a good idea to educate yourself on when others are trying to influence you? The first step in knowing who you are is realizing when other people are telling you who you are. I am sure those of you who grew up in the war games will be like “Yah, I do that, but in positive ways.” Me too! I just never knew what I was doing. I know everyone in the world isn’t like my family. I have read statistics and I hope we are the exception to the rule. My Truman Show has some pretty crazy out of whack demographics, but it makes for an interesting show.

What have they told you all about not buying insurance from me? Dare I confront the elephant in the room. Is this an acceptable covert war tactic? It seems a bit overt. I guess all I can do is ask you all to be revolutionary and buy some insurance and hope I reach enough people who do not know about the war games. It is up to the odds and the Gods. All I can do is keep going and doing the best I can with what I have.

Check out the article below and start finding yourself. You deserve to know you!


Nicole Graves

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