Flintstone Feet In Medford

When I was with A1, he would get nervous and do this thing where his cortisol spiked and he got Flinstone feet. Well my revolutionary people, right now my family cult has Flinstone feet. They do not know what to do. We really could have this thing in the bag. All we need is to get California on board with our revolution.

Hi Medford, we meet again! Now that my family cult has gotten as many of you as possible involved in the war games let me catch you up. I have been warring for our freedom for #197 days. Yes, I mean all of our freedoms, no one deserves to be enslaved anymore. I have already gotten all the Scandinavians, fancy families, and SS soldiers to be revolutionary and agree that it is time to reform the system. So, the last group of people are the everyday people who only get destroyed by the system and never really profit. Sounds odd, because you would think these would be the first people on board, but boy you all a tough crowd. I understand though because my family cult likes to beat people down till they forget what hope feels like.

I don’t need you to have hope. I just need you to take part in my covert revolution and utilize your freewill. Nothing to loose, right? But a shit ton to gain. If we can pull this off you can have more out of life than you ever imagined, your grandchildren will get more out of life than you ever imagined. I don’t know about you, but I am always willing to gamble on a good bet.

Here is what I need you all to do: Call a handful of people you know in California, Nevada, and Arizona and tell them I am alive and revolting for all of us. And they need to turn off their phones and stop spending money. Then you turn off your phone and hang out for a few days and see what happens. Relax, watch some movies, go for a walk, etc. I will do the rest.

I wish I could tell you all how much I appreciate each and everyone of you, but it is beyond words. Power belongs to the people who create it and today I see just how much power you all create. It is so beautiful.

Thank you and love always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Dear A1 are you nervous yet? How are your feet doing? 😀

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