Focus On Freedom

My Dad has not taken part in the war games since Moreno Valley, when they were trying to get me to give into destroying myself with so many things they were feeding me covert messages of. I still just do not do well at covert messages so they have to make them pretty overt before I really notice them. I have been taking warm showers ever since then though. They know I will destroy myself and take longer showers when the water is warm. I am sure you all can relate to that feeling of giving into comfort even though it is destroying and killing you all.

However, they have been sending me a whole bunch of covert messages about coming back to Oregon. They want me to want to come “home” for Christmas. But the thing is I have not been home for Christmas for many, many years and what would motivate me to go back now? They do not love me, they do not get me gifts, and they only want to destroy me. My family has painted themselves into a corner without a logical way to get me back to Oregon. Sure, I have an insurance job that I will go back for in January if I have to, but I do not think my Dad is going to survive that long.

My Dad is dying. I have been so focused on my revolution I forgot. Death waits for no one. My revolutionary people I need you all to visualize with me. Visualize us getting our freedom for the holiday season. Don’t focus on my Dad’s death focus on the freedom it will bring us all. Even if we all just focus on this once a day, we will give the universe a huge push in the right direction. Focus on the freedom that we are so close to obtaining.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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