Follow Your Soul

I am so proud of myself. I found myself in that dark room when I was young, I found myself dancing in dark bars, and I found myself healing in that dark apartment in Arizona. My whole life people have tried to steal myself from me. They have tried to talk me out of being me, but I could never listen. I am grateful I was never able to listen. Knowing myself and knowing that I am right with God is the best motivation for anything that I could ever have.

I found myself in the quantum field. I did not know what I was doing every time, but I was searching for a better version of myself. When I go to the quantum field none of the pain of this world exists. It melts away and the limitless possibilities fade into the picture. Life may never be easy, but dreaming of a better future and manifesting it is easier than people want to make it out to be. Everything is possible when you leave the pain of this world behind. The war games do not exist in the quantum field. The pain people cause each other is non existent there. All the good things exist in the quantum field. There are no limits. Life is meant to be limitless. Life is not meant to hurt this much. When you go to the quantum field you leave your pain here in the material world. Pain is material. It is heavy and weighs you down. If you hold onto it, it will weigh you down and make you unable to manifest a brighter future.

Life hurts, pain happens, but it is your job to leave it behind. What you choose to take with you weighs you down. You can choose to take the happiness and wisdom. Or you can take the pain and sorrow. What do you think will get you to brighter places? What makes you feel more limitless? What makes you feel more free? What gives you hope?

I may not have gotten a college degree, but when I was in community college struggling my ass off while being destroyed in every sense of the word, I learned to dance. I had taken dance lessons as a child, but I had foot surgery when I was 20 because I got in a fight with my bf at the time and stepped on a bong. I had to learn how to walk again and my legs are still a little funny, but not nearly as bad as they were. Dancing was one of the hardest things I have ever conquered. With my head surgery it was beyond challenging, but it helped me to create new connections and heal my brain. Although I did not even know what I was doing or why it was so hard for me. I just did it because it felt good and made me happy. Sometimes you just have to do what feels right in life. That is what I have lived by, I do what feels right and it takes me to amazing places. I cannot predict where I will go, but I know as long as I follow what feels right it will be good.

I have never known all the pieces, who does? All I know is how to make my soul feel good. Searching for peace is how I found God in the dark room at my Mom’s house as a child and it is also what lead me to a strip club and to Arizona to heal. My soul leads me to some pretty crazy places, but I always seem to find the reason for being there to be pretty impactual once I realize what I am doing. I wish I could tell you all what I am doing right now, but honestly I do not know. I am just doing what I have always done. I am following my soul. Because it is what I have always done.

I pray and hope that you all follow your soul, because once you know this feeling you will never want to give it up!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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