Fred Meyers On River Road

You all have been conquered by my Father personally. I never realized when he married Brenda Holloway and moved us both out here that is what he was doing. And when he killed her he literally took this territory. What ever happened to her son Ryan? Why are so many people named Ryan? What does it mean? She was a hybrid, a descendant of Scandinavian and South American Nazis. There really aren’t too many purist around Oregon, but they exist.

You all are so scared. It is okay I understand. I hope you all have heard I mean you no harm, just sticking up for myself and trying to free the people because this is some bullshit. No one deserves to be owned by another. Slavery ended a long time ago, but apparently my Dad did not get the memo. And apparently neither did my Great Grandpa Hitler, aka Daddy Bennit.

The smoke bombs are strong here. This means you all are the ones who profit off the war games and you all are used to getting your hands dirty. The people on Coburg road do not get their hands dirty often and like to not think about what the war games mean to the people who pay for them. But here on River road you all pay for the war games and carry out the dirty work. You deserve to heal, you know this right? You deserve better than this.

Over here I do not think you were lead by my Grandma Kudearoff in the 1980’s. You all were lead by a Scandinavian. Who was your leader back then? I would love to meet their relatives. I think we have similar dreams because my Dad has let so many things go extremely off track for humanity. When did the quality of life of the people take a complete back seat to the evil agenda of the world? I know I am an idealist, but this is how they programmed me to be. If they wanted me to be different they should have programmed me for great evil, but they have been afraid of me from the beginning. So here we are with me being an idealist. And you know what, I am running with it!

What can I do to improve your quality of life over here? What projects are my Dad and the dark side working on that I can bring to the light and perhaps free you all from? I do not have much power until my Dad dies, but the truth can set you free.

Everybody deserves a good life and to achieve the dreams they actively work towards. Never forget this!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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