Freedom Of Information

Let me explain freedom of information. If you believe in freedom of information you cannot withhold information. if you are withholding information from others, you are just like my family cult and keeping others small to improve your situation. I do not expect anyone to be as revolutionary as me, but I do expect you to live by the values you claim to have.

If I have gifted you with information that will improve your quality of life and chances at success and you have not shared this information with at least one other person. You do not believe in freedom of information, because how you live in your daily life dictates your beliefs. You cannot claim to believe in something and then act based on a different set of values. Life and values do not work like that. You cannot claim to be one thing and then act based differently still claiming those opposite beliefs.

Tonight is an eclipse that is supposed to open us up to living differently and to a better quality of life. I encourage you to live by the values you wish to claim as your own. No one has to be overtly revolutionary, but just covertly revolutionary. Tell one person the things I have shared with you and ask them to share those things with one other person too. This is how freedom of information will drive us all forward into the lives of our dreams.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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