Friday August 19th 2022 Moon in Gemini Sun in Leo Middle Men

My Truman show changed drastically once again. It was a really big change. I saw more ethnic people in Eugene today while eating than I ever probably have seen before. And there is this one group of white people I could not figure out who they were. After a drive and being poisoned with E, the pieces came together.

There are a group of Nazis who did not flea to Scandinavia or South America. They were middle men who did not have the resources that the others did. And they were not faced with accountability for their war crimes. These people spread out throughout Europe and fell through the cracks. No one accounted for them and no one included them. They were left to their own devices. However, they know who is fancy within their own group. They have accounted for themselves since world war 2. The West family is a big name among them. People drop names around me like I should know what they are talking about. But I just see people who want to be accounted for and be included. These people aren’t loyal to the war games or the farmers. They are only loyal to themselves. And often drive Japanese cars. No one accounts for them. However, for them they are finally being recognized and asked to create my Truman show. This is the honor they have always been waiting for. They aren’t Aryans. They aren’t fancy in the war games. But they believe in destroying each other. They haven’t gotten to partake in the destruction of the world so they destroy each other to prove their importance and that they matter. And now they are destroying me.

These middle men are a lot like the Koreans. They have always just been trying to find a way to level the playing field. Unfortunately, no one has ever offered them the opportunity. At least until today, today they felt like they mattered. And like they are important.

Middle men, I would like you all to know you matter. However, your desire to show and prove your importance by destroying each other has caused you all to have the gene mutation that causes Fragile X Syndrome. Many people have this nowadays, but you all have destroyed each other so much in your quest to prove yourselves as important I dont think you will ever be able to recover from on a gene level. I dont know if you all understood what you were doing. But you got to stop.

You deserve better than this. We all deserve better than this. And if you all didn’t know, you are more than welcome in my revolution. I don’t intend to leave anyone out. You all are included and you matter. I apologize for not addressing you all directly sooner, but I have literally just been trying to stay alive. I still apologize though. I understand what it feels like to be fancy and never be treated well. I can relate to you all more than you will ever know.

You all owe me nothing. However, I am going to ask that you please stop working with my family to hurt me. Because in the end it will not only hurt you all, but it will hurt the world. I know it feels good to be recognized and needed. But I need you all to be revolutionary and become one of us. Over here we are uniting over a common belief that we all deserve potential. We will not agree on everything, but we will work it out as we go. Because we all deserve better. And that includes you. I would be grateful if you chose to be revolutionary. And it’s not just for me, it’s for the world. But mostly it’s for you all. Because we need to figure out how to reverse the gene mutations you all have inflicted on each other. I’m sure the Koreans have some research that could help us with this. They are pretty smart cookies you know. And I think you all need some scientists on your side as quickly as possible. Your future generations depend on it.

I look forward to hearing your side of everything.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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