Friday August 5th 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Leo What If??

Okay so no one wants to hold my Dad accountable to following the rules of the war games and overstepping his birthrights. I completely understand. However, what about the people following and supporting him. The people left following and supporting him are mostly people who have been kept extremely small or who have profited off privilege their whole lives they know no different. Many of these people do not fear loosing their entry level jobs or they work for themselves.

However, with their actions they are trying to recreate and change the rules to the war games. Sure my Dad is a cult leader, but he has no power without followers. What if we hold these people accountable for their actions which are aimed at changing the war games forever. With every order they take from my Dad they are overstepping their birthrights. How do we keep people within the bounds of their birthrights in the war games? Because everyone who is following my Dad is saying they are fancy enough to rewrite all the rules. That’s not allowed. I’m pretty sure I dont even get to rewrite all the rules.

How do we get these people to comply to their place within the war games? What is standard protocol for overstepping your birthrights drastically and continually? Farmers are you all the ones who enforce these rules?

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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