Friday February 10th 2023 Moon in Libra Sun in Aquarius A Letter To The North

Hello everyone, thank you for tuning in today on such short notice. I appreciate you allowing me some of your time. I suppose you all have now heard what is happening with the world. 682 days ago I started a revolution, but I didn’t do it on purpose. I have just been trying to survive. I am Nicole D Graves. I am western European, Chinese, Russian, and Argentinian. I was born to bring together some of the greatest evils in the world. But I was never told about the war games or who my families were or are. My family has been trying to kill me since I was 8 years old. You can hear me right now because my Dad gave me head surgery and implanted a chip in my head. I broadcast radio waves, but I didn’t figure out how to do this intentionally until last year. I started this revolution with just a blog on the internet and good intentions. 682 days ago I escaped the death camp I was intended to die in. I was supposed to die in southern Arizona and my Dad had announced my death to the world already. I had no clue I was important to anyone, let alone the world. I have been trying to get away from my family my whole life, but wherever I went people always turned into my family. I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out what was wrong with people. Everyone told me I was wrong and hard to love and impossible. But now I understand everyone around me has been in my Dad’s cult. He brsinwashes people and turns them into a subhuman slave race on a gene and cellular level. Yet, even today people are signing up to be his cult members. And today it is only the people from the North who are doing so.

See in the past few days I have connected with the leaders in the west, the east, and the south. I was born to bring all these people and groups together. But I was born to bring them together in destruction. However, after being destroyed, kidnapped, and held hostage my whole life I have no intention of destroying anyone. I have fought my whole life to be me. I’m not going to turn into my family now. I have never been able to be like them.

So I wonder who you people in the North are? Because you all have epigenetics that are very similar to the people in my Dad’s cult. However, you all do have fewer gene mutations. So who are you all? Today is the day you need to decide who you are. Because I need to know if you are going to choose me or my Dad. If you back up and support my Dad you are supporting becoming a subhuman slave race on a gene and cellular level. But if you support me you are supporting doing better and getting better. It’s an important decision you all need to make today because today you decide who you want to be. And it is a conscious decision that will follow you for generations to come.

The thing about my birthrights that is the most scary part is that I have all this power, but I am not bound to be loyal to anyone. Everyone my whole life has tried to kill me. I could literally go Hitler on the world and be within my rights because I have Hitler’s birthright. Pretty fucking scary right?

See I know you all dont owe me anything. I dont owe you all anything either. However, I understand it is my destiny to work with you all. My grandma Kudearoff brought the east and west together. My grandpa Graves and Dad brought the west and south together. And I have brought the east, west, and south together. I literally have won over the world, but I am missing you all. Without your support I cant get better for the world like I need to do. I believe it is my birthright to right the wrongs of my families. I am a check and balance sent by God. I have Asperger’s genius and I have never met someone smart like me. My parents weren’t able to break me or sell me on destruction being necessary and right. This is why they never told me who I was to you people. Can you imagine what my Dad would do to anyone else incapable of breaking their own child? He created me to be his super soldier and help him take over the world. But I backfired on him. He created me smarter than him and even with putting a chip in my head he was unable to break me. I am the last chance the world has. Everyone else in my family is a monster who is out for themselves and will never do right by the world or your grandchildren. The rest of my family wants you all and the world to be their very own slave race. I’m the only hope the world has. And it has taken me 682 days to reach you all. I have been running fur my life and living in my jeep and eating raw meat with my hands for 682 days now. I am smart, but I’m also willing to do things most people are not.

Let me tell you how I know you all are apart of my destiny. See my parents couldn’t overtly kill me as a child. So they kept me really sick, but they had intentions of breeding me like a farm animal and then killing me afterwards. This way my Dad would have a second chance at turning someone with birthrights like mine. I never had a baby though because I believe in partnership and most of my relationships were very one sided. However, the one time I actually got pregnant without my Dad planning it was with a boy from the North. After decades of my Dad sending so many men to try to get me pregnant it happened accidentally and he was so pissed. Because this was the first time I considered having it. Granted I didn’t have it. The boys mother sent me a check in the mail to kill it. Neither me or the child would have lived long after it was born so I am very grateful to the boy’s mother. However after waiting for so long to get me to have a baby my Dad would rather kill this child than have the heir he had always wanted. This is how I know you all are apart of my destiny. I was born to bring you all into the equation. My children will bring the north to join the rest of the world. This is what my family does. We bring people together. However my family brings people together to conquer them and hold them hostage. I have no intention of holding anyone hostage. We all deserve better than this. I spent last winter driving I5 in California trying to reach the Hispanic people to let them know they were victims of genocide. Looking back everything I have done seems crazy. But I had to connect to the world to accomplish my purpose in life. My family has held me hostage, kept me small, and done so many unthinkable things to me to try to break me. They tried to break me more than they have ever tried with anyone else. Everyone else knew about the war games so they would give in. I thought I was an American and had rights. I never broke but they still have not stopped trying to break me. My life has been what happens when people have absolute power. Because absolute power corrupts absolutely. By birthrights I outrank my Dad and I can undo and fix the damage he has created. But i dont get to do this unless you all choose me and getting better for yourselves.

See in order to get better for us all, I just have to live a regular ordinary life. I don’t need or want to be fancy. I have always just wanted an ordinary life and to be a regular person. The thing is if I have an ordinary life with a career, a house, and a family I will be able to ensure the safety of your children and grandchildren. I just need to pass on my birthrights to my children in order for you to be safe from my families for generations to come. When I put it like this it almost seems simple right? My family has never allowed me to be ordinary or regular because that is all I have to do in order to disrupt the plan they have been working on for decades. Did you all know about the plans for the Mexican Berlin wall? I lived by the border in Arizona. It’s not that far off if I dont succeed. Remember the wall trump was talking about building? It’s not as hidden as we think it is.

So day 682 of creating a revolution and working to contact the world, and today the decision on if the world gets better is in the hands of you all the leaders in the north. My birthrights give me the weight of the world on my shoulders. But tonight I give that weight over to you all. I have done everything in my power to.allow the world to get better. My conscience will be clear no matter the decision you all make. However, I do believe you all need to join this revolution and the rest of the world. I need you all to call your people out of this war against me. Because you all need to find me a man from the North with 3 grown children who understand what they are signing up for. I want to pass my birthrights to children who are from the North. They need to be grown so they understand just how big this decision is. It is not safe for me to have a baby right now or maybe ever. But I need to ensure the safety of the world if anything should happen to me. I can do this by marrying a man with 3 grown children. Then maybe later in life I will have a baby and a #4. But right now that’s not logical or realistic.

Recently I have against all odds got my Oregon real estate license. I need your help keeping me safe in real estate because I am pretty sure I am going to choose to work for Windermere realty here in Eugene. I have to create wealth in order to protect myself and have a family. I can’t continue to live in my Jeep and allow myself to be kept small. I need to live an ordinary normal regular life. I was a realtor in Arizona. I’m really good at it. I just want to do what I’m good at and get a home. My Dad killed one of my dogs recently. Only two souls in the world have ever loved me and they are my two dogs. I have one dog left. I have to provide security and safety for him. It’s hard to stay safe when I live in my car and everyone I encounter in the ovett world poisons me and trys to kill me by getting my organs to fail. Everyday I overcome daily attempted murder. My whole life people have been trying to kill me. This is why I ran away to the desert.

They have been poisoning me with car fumes while I wrote this so i rambled on a bit. But let me tell you the same things i told the east and the south that i need help with. I need a lot of help. I can’t change the world by myself. You all have to help me if you want better for your children and grandchildren. It is part of your birthrights to change the world too. Its not all on me. It’s on you too.

What I need your help with:

I need people to stop poisoning me and trying to kill me everyday everywhere I go. It has to stop please.

I need a home. I have lived in my jeep for 682 days and its winter and cold here. I need a home with a bed.

I need clean food and water. And to be able to cook my own food. Only being able to eat things I can buy at the grocery store is really hard because it all has so much fat in it. I have a really bad c diff infection from my asperger’s. So I need to eat better. A lady can’t eat raw beef forever. My Dad has the people who work at the grocery stores poison the food. Make them stop immediately.

I recently against all odds got my Oregon real estate license. I need you all to not only say it’s safe for people to do business with me and protect them. I need you all to order people to do business with me. I cannot get a normal ordinary life without a successful career. If I am to have a family and children I need to be able to provide for them to keep them safe. I need to keep myself safe too.

I need help finding a man with 3 children to marry who will do the right thing. I have never known anyone to do the right thing. How am I supposed to know who will be good to you all. You deserve better but you have to help me figure out how to get better for you all.

I need my Dad to be pushed out of power. He has killed so many people including my grandparents and almost me. He breaks the rules and teaches people to disregard where they come from and be disloyal. My Dad only has power because people follow him and do his bidding. Make it so the people stop. My Dad and Brother have tried to kill me and you all our whole lives. They won’t ever stop. You all have to make the people stop. We will never be safe until my Dad is out of power and my brother too.

Like I said there are a ton more things that I need help with, but those are the basics. Anything you can do to make my life better I greatly appreciate. Everyone deserves better. No matter who you are or what you have done you deserve better. And I have the birthrights to get us all better. But I cant do much until I have better myself. I dont need to be fancy. I just need to be a regular person with an ordinary life. I just want to sell real estate, work hard, marry a man who wont try to kill me who has 3 kids, and maybe have a baby later in life. I dont need to be fancy. I just want to be regular. And I want you all to become apart of my family. Because you deserve a voice in this weird imaginary game we all play. It’s just a game, but so many people have died for us to play this game. Please help stop more people from dying. No one deserves to be destroyed like this. We all deserve better.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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