Friday February 17th 2023 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Aquarius Creating Equal Opportunity & Access

East leaders, south leaders, and United nations professional cult leaders

I went for a drive this afternoon to see the southeast part of Eugene. By definition this is the part of town that should be the most loyal to me. But it was anything but loyal. The southeast part of town is still in my Dad’s cult. They have no intention of giving up their loyalty to my Dad. See my Dad preyed on a very deep rooted desire of the people in the east. People in the east have always wanted access to the things that people in the west have access to. Basically they just want to be ordinary regular people and have the same opportunities and privileges. Joining my Dad’s cult gave these people a structure and a way to get what they desire. Without my Dad’s cult how are these people supposed to get access to the things in life they value and desire?

Right now the problem is we have not created a way or a framework for these people to get what they desire. I saw a whole neighborhood of people like my Aunt Lana and Lydia who are willing to sell out everyone in order to maintain their beliefs that they are greater than the rest of us ethnic people. These people have sold out for so long they are having a hard time remembering and realizing they are one of us. They dont want to come to terms with the fact that my Dad’s cult uses them and never deems them equal. They don’t want to admit to themselves they arent equal because they have spent a lifetime denying who they are. I understand what these people are going through. I thought I was a white person too. But if I’m not allowed to be a white person, these people are not either. They just dont want to admit the truth to themselves because it’s hurtful. And if they give up my Dad’s cult how are they supposed to earn the things that are important to them?

East leaders, south leaders, and United nations professional cult leaders, we need to create the framework these people need and desire to stop worshipping my Dad. We need to create a way for them to earn what they value. Which is just the same access to things that the people in the west have.

It’s hard for me to excuse these people’s actions of treason. But I understand why they are doing what they are doing. They just want to be equal and be good enough. I want those things too. I think its human nature to want these things. So we need to create a way for these people to earn access to the things they value. We need to show them they deserve everything the people on the west have. We need to show them we will care for them better than my Dad. We need to grant them access to the things they value without making them feel.less than. No one is less than. However, these people fear having to go back to how life was for them. Before my Dad’s cult. They fear having to be less than for decades again. I understand this fear and feeling. So we need to take care of these people and create a way for them to have what they value and desire and deserve. We all deserve a way to earn more in life. This is all the people on the east need. I bet the people in the south need this too.

So today, I need you all to create the framework for how people in the east and the south can gain access to what they value and desire without having to remain loyal to my Dad. Yes, fear works for many things. But we cant keep people from what they value forever with just fear and expect people to be happy with us. We need to show them a new way. This way they are willing to get on board with us. If this change can create a framework for them that allows for them to earn an even better or higher quality of life then they will be overwhelmingly on board. If we can create better for them they will fight with us because everyone wants better. Even if it’s just the opportunity for better and they still have to earn it themselves. People just want a shot at better. Create the framework for these people to get what they need and desire. This way they can be our largest asset. People will always fight for the people who give them a chance of better. We need to be these people and win them over. If we show them loyalty, they will show us loyalty. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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