Friday January 20th 2023 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Capricorn My Left Hand Is Swollen Again

My left hand is swollen because my heart is failing from all the poisons. So I should tell you all some of the things you need to know to survive because you all are going to let me die.

C diff is an antibiotic resistant bacteria. It causes autism and works hand in hand with our MTHFR gene to cause most chronic and terminal illness. Almost all disease is due to mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria are the part of the cell that write messages into each cell. These messages add up together to be your epigenetics and gene expression. In order to heal you need to change the messages your mitochondria write into each cell. The holy trinity of health and epigenetics are gut bacteria, mitochondria, and epigenetics. If you want to heal you need to work on these 3 things. And they are a chain reaction, when you work on one the others improve too. Everything always comes back to your gut bacteria.

So c diff is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that takes over your gut bacteria. The worse your infections the more anxiety, depression, and disease you have. Anxiety is caused from the toxic byproducts that c diff produce and release into your body. However, c diff also ties into the brain damage and damage to your amygdala caused by the free floating calcium in your blood stream caused by the poisons in the air and in the food.

So let me explain more clearly. Poisons damage out gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria are supposed to produce vitamin K2. Vitamin k2 allows for calcium to be absorbed in to our teeth and bones. Without vitamin k2 calcium free floats in our bloodstream. Thus causes brain damage and damages our amygdala which causes you to be in a constant state of unconscious fear. This is the most prevalent in the Aryans but we all have it to a certain extent. If you have a hard time handling hot and cold temperatures than you have amyglada damage.

Then there is another layer to the free floating calcium in your bloodstream. C diff needs calcium in your gut to germinate. C diff is a spore like mold. It needs something to activate it. Well just like water activates mold spores, calcium activates c diff spores. So this gut bacteria damage that causes brain damage also encourages c diff to grow. And then full circle because we have damaged gut bacteria our bodies cannot fight the c diff infection appropriately. And this is what leads to cancer and many terminal diseases because our mthfr gene mutation and epigenetic triggers dont allow for our bodies to methylate correctly. So all the toxins c diff produces are stuck in our body unable to be removed. This build up of toxic substances causes disease and mental illnesses.

Until we stop poisoning each other we are going to die painful deaths and live painful lives filled with anxiety and depression. Now when you poison someone I want you to remember you are poisoning yourself too. We all share a collective microbiome that could keep us all safe. But you cant poison another without poisoning yourself. So you may want to hurt someone else, but you are destroying yourself too. And this is how.

Getting the free floating calcium out of your bloodstream is the answer to everything pretty much. The world is sick today because calcium is not being deposited in our bones and teeth as it is intended to be. Everything is a chain reaction that starts with poisoning people. Now do you understand why munchausen and munchausen by proxy are literally killing the world? Poisoning people is wrong and killing us all.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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