Friday January 20th 2023 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Capricorn Waking Up With Numb Teeth And Cold Sweats & Air traffic

I woke up at 6am inaa cold sweats because someone was poisoning me. Air traffic has been steady and close all morning. And I woke up again now with a car near me with the poisons that makes my teeth go numb and hurt. It’s a red car. I think they have been here before. Honestly I didn’t look too hard. I just wanted to really sleep in today. I dont have much to do and sleep is one of the healthiest things I can do. I’m always hungry because I am so alkaline. And the meat has been so poisoned that I can only eat a little bit or I wont absorb any of the nutrients from the alkaline poisons. I’m in a grumpy mood from the poisons. Do you all in eugene feel it? I feel irritable and sad and frustrated and hopeless. That’s not me because I have so many things to celebrate and be grateful for this week. However I feel moody and frustrated. And part of me is frustrated but I’m still grateful. Who are the people who are going to track me? I just need some back up. Being all alone in the world for a lifetime is hard. And I cant change the world on my own. I’m going to need some help and that means I need help protecting myself. Germany can you all track me and protect me from the people my Dad sends to covertly kill me please? I’m sure you all have the technology to make this happen and keep me safe. I park in my favorite church parking lot most days and nights off west 18th ave. 

I will get up and see if the world changed in a bit, but so far I’m waking up in the same warzone. I deserve better than this. And you all do too. Because if this continues I wont be able to get better for us all.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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