Friday January 27th 2023 Moon in Aries Sun in Aquarius Punishment and Making Examples

Dear World Leaders

I was thinking about everything last night while I was being greatly poisoned. I fasted yesterday and I still woke up with a swollen left hand that is bigger than normal because there was so much poison. I may be selfish to say I don’t ever want to spend another night like this. How many more nights like this before I just dont wake up one day? That’s my Dad’s goal you know right? He wants to poison me so much I die. You get this right? It’s kind of a life or death thing. But it’s not just my life it’s your life too. And your grandchildren’s lives. The world will never be the same if I die and that’s my Dad’s goal. I would like to stay alive and change the world with you all so everyone gets better.

However in order to do this the poisons have to stop. It’s not my Dad who is poisoning me. It’s the people you all are in charge of. They are running around being hooligans trying to earn privilege at the cost of the world. I don’t understand the extreme degree of selfishness needed to act like this. Honestly I believe the world would be a better place without these people. Literally it would be a better place.

Last night I realized the behavioral inheritance system is why punishing people and making examples out of people works. People have been trained to look around themselves to find the answers. They dont use their logical minds or the symbolic inheritance systems. The really do follow the monkey see monkey do rule because they have been conditioned to and it’s all they know. We are never going to win this war and revolution unless we give them some examples to encourage them to do the right thing. And the examples have to be close enough for them to see. Otherwise we are going to keep doing this back and forth where people act right for a moment and then they go back to selfishly earning privilege at the expense of the world and all of us. We cant change people overnight. We have to meet people where they are. So this means they need to be punished to act right. They only know how to do the right thing when they are living in fear. How sad is that? We live in a world where no one will do the right thing if not being watched. It’s a dangerous world to live in. The only way to create change is to make people aware they are being watched. You need to elect people from your groups and subgroups to watch over and police the people for this revolution. This way they know their sins will not go unpunished. Then they will think twice about trying to earn privilege at the cost of us all. It’s sad it has to be like this, but we have to meet people where they are. The world filled with people who do not use the symbolic inheritance system needs some behaviors to be modeled for them. Otherwise they are going to keep doing everything they have been taught to do for a lifetime.

Thank you and Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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