Friday January 27th 2023 Moon in Taurus Sun in Aquarius Fixed Energy Story Time

Let me tell you all how this revolution started. In Sierra Vista Arizona, I was a realtor. I had an inside sales job, meaning I spent most of my time on the phone and rarely met with people in person. I had an agent who was my partner who showed houses, wrote contracts, and opened doors for inspections and final walk throughs. He was fancy in the war games but mostly the mafia. He drove a truck and was married to an atty and had one boy child. He had been doing real estate for years. I chose him because he had been successful in the past and I thought he would help me make a lot of money. But he was incredibly subpar and brought me poor results. There was a time when I sent him to show 10 to 12 houses and he only sold like 1 or 2 and all these people were prequalified and motivated to buy. However, I started working with other people in the company because I wasn’t satisfied with his work. And then I completely stopped working with him. I wanted to learn to do things on my own. But I did want someone else to write the contract for me. I am capable of writing a contract. I wrote two books for Christ’s sakes. But I hate paperwork. Now I realize how easy it is, but everyone has always overcomplicated things. So contracts were just not something I wanted to deal with. My sales manager was being a dick. He really didn’t know much about sales. He read all the books. But he used his skills as a good ole boy from Texas to sell homes. I completely love this approach because its familiar and comfortable to me. People using their birthrights to sell things is something I have seen my whole life. However it has never worked for me. I have to actually be good at what I do.

My sales manager and i did not see eye to eye. And he tried to dominate me and abuse me and get me to know my place. But my place was that i know inside sales better than him and i wasn’t going to be bullied. So I quit. I had no clue who I was to you people or who my family was. I had run away to the desert in southern Arizona to heal cancer and autoimmune diseases and I was building my life back up. I was not going to take some assholes shit. Not taking shit has been a reoccurring theme in my life. I dont deserve to be destroyed and I deserve to be treated well. I have left many situations most people never would because I deserve better. And me deserving better has nothing to do with my birthrights.

So then I reached out to countless brokers in Arizona. I was willing to move and considered a few places. My Dad had a lady who was involved in my head injury try to recruit me to work for a broker in lake havasu. I went and checked it out. She was too eager to get me to make a decision. I can read people. I may not understand what I read right away but I understand enough and in time it makes sense.

Then I tried to put my license with keller Williams east valley in Phoenix. They were nice and also were told to collect me and waste my time and resources. I quit Service First Realty in January. I gave up on everything and started this revolution March 30, 2021 the day before my 40th birthday.

My Dad told the people in real estate to take care of me, by overcomplicating everything, wasting my time, talking down to me, etc. I may not have completely understood these people but they dont know what I know and they cant do what I do in sales. I dont know what other people do in sales. I dont know what you all know. That’s the hard part about being this smart. I don’t know what you all know. But I can tell when you all try to pretend to know what I know. If that makes sense.

So I did a lot of driving. I went to Oregon a few times and then left. I just wanted to start over somewhere else again. My uncle Dave tried to kill me with poisoned coffee at a rest stop in northern California . I still didn’t understand why everyone was trying to kill me. I didn’t understand anything. But I learned slowly but surely. I spent the summer in new Mexico in Santa Fe. I figured out more than I ever imagined.

My Dad somehow got me sick, I think my kidneys were acting up because I was really skinny but had a fat face and I was really emotional. The poisons have been bad since Vegas in 2014. So the poisons always change, but they never go away. I thought I could give up and just go live a normal small life in Houston Texas with my old magazine editor. I told him I just wanted to be friends. I have not touched a man since A1 left me. I doubt I ever will desire that again. Anyways I got there I saw how much the people there hated me. Granted the world didn’t know I was alive yet. Most everyone thought I was dead. While there I slept on the couch and my Dad gassed me with the air conditioning. My friend Mitch Murphy told me not to look for a job. This whole revolution all I have wanted is a job. I just want to live my life. However, while hanging out and wasting more of my life my Dad sent me covert messages about having a baby. And my friend started doing these weird things where he expected me to be more than friendly but wouldn’t say anything overtly. I texted my mom and told her I was coming home. Because I was not going to touch a man. Especially a man who was not paying me to touch him. The adult industry saved my life because it taught me that I deserve to get something out of my sexuality and relationships. Before that seeking a partner was just used as a way to destroy me. I am not looking to go backwards. And I’m not looking to have a child with someone and live in an apartment while being kept small. I believe in marriage. I believe in owning a home. And I believe in having a career so you can care for your children. I’m not going to change my beliefs.

So I come back to Oregon. I sleep in a tent in my mom’s backyard even though I have a room there with my old bed in it. The air in my mom’s house is toxic and they poisoned everything. I layed on my bed for 2 minutes and I jumped out because they put so much poison on it. It was awful. But this is when I learned I didn’t have anxiety most of my life. I had a family that poisoned me. I learned a lot from staying at my mom’s house. It was really hard. They literally tried to kill me while telling me I’m hard to love. This is what they have done my whole life. However I got my insurance license in Oregon while all this was happening. I just wanted a job. All I have ever wanted is to take care of myself. I just want to be independent and not have to allow anyone to destroy me while telling me I’m a bad person or I’m hard to love. I’m a great person and everyone is easy to love if they are with the right people.

So I got my Oregon insurance license and I was working for bill Cavinee Allstate insurance in Springfield. He had signed up to destroy me. I learned how to dry fast here because they would poison my drinks. They put poison on my phone my headset my chair and in the little room in worked in. All three of the people who worked there tried to set me up to fail. I made cold calls 8 hours a day. And I almost overcame everything. I dry fasted and learned not to input any information into the computer till I was closing a deal. I was on track to meet my performance goals. Then Bill told me that I couldn’t be approved to work for Allstate. I didn’t pass the background check is what he said. I have nothing on my record and I have good credit. He lied to fire me because Oregon is a fire at will state. This is when I started to catch on that they weren’t going to let me live a normal life. I have never had normal, but I realized the rules of the world didn’t apply to me and this is why I never succeeded like I could have. I was mad and I was hurt. I still am. Think about everything I have done on this revolution. I could have really changed the world if I had been allowed potential in any form or even freedom.

This is when I found Salem. They gave me hope and made me feel loved and appreciated when I really needed it. I figured out that state capitals were communication hubs. I was still just using my blog to connect with people in the war games. But Salem gave me hope. I had no clue who I was.  But I think they knew. I tried to find another insurance job, but I was pissed. Everything has been taken from me my whole life by my Dad and my mom. They have been pretty awful to me to say the least.

So I made my way to California to tell the Hispanic people about the genocide. I knew something was happening but I didn’t understand it fully. I never would have guessed it is all that it is. Slowly as I made my way south I figured shit out. South san Francisco I figured out epigenetic trigger of dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Santa Barbara I figured out the genocides of the world and the food systems used to perpetuate the genocides. I just kept figuring it out. I thought if I could reach Mexico they could help and I could help them. I thought for sure I would be able to find someone in the world to help me undo everything my family has done.

I spent weeks by the border in chula vista and National city. I saw regular people there for the first time in my life. My Dad had middle men from all over southern California come to gang stalk me there. After I left Santa Barbara that was when my Dad’s military army/cult stopped fighting this war against me. So I knew even if people couldn’t help me. They could stop trying to kill me. I suppose that is the closest to love I know. I appreciate the military army for allowing me to stay alive long enough to figure shit out. I had spent the summer before in Santa fe because I wanted to get away from the miltary. There is only air force in new Mexico.

While in Compton California someone hooked up my radio waves with ham radio that isnt just in the war games. I had access to everyone’s houses and cars now. But I didn’t understand it yet. I have been broadcasting since I was 8 when I got this chip in my head. But they never told me I got a chip in my head. I thought I had ear drum surgery. And they did mess with my ear drum. This is why I feel and hear things you all dont. But I didn’t know or understand any of this.

While in Southern California hanging out by the border trying to figure out how to get over the border, I accepted a job in Springfield selling insurance. This time Dustin Sain at country financial in Springfield was told to get me back in Oregon. So I made my way back. It was January 2022. I don’t think i ever made it over the border but i did connect with the people in Chula Vista and National city. I connected with people everywhere I drove because I used my blog and then people kept tuning in and we learned about the destruction together.

On my way north, I figured out the chip in my head. This is when I found the farmers in southern LA. Again I didn’t understand what I had done. But they called the war off me while I was in city limits in los Angeles. This gave me hope again. Still I didn’t know what I did, but I just had to do it again. I had to figure out the pattern. It took me a long time to figure out the pattern. But I did and I found the farmers all up and down the west coast eventually using Google. The farmers are literally on Google. Crazy right?

Anyways I made my way back to Oregon to work for Dustin Sain. I worked one day watching training videos and came in the next day and he fired me. He said he decided to go a different direction. I had come all the way back here to get fired. I will never forgive him or his wife or the lady related to my cousin Shelbi who works for him. I’m not a revenge kind of person but for people like them I will make an exception. We all know they have killed and destroyed more than their fair share of people.

Since then I have worked temp jobs that are designed to keep me small and allow people to poison me so I die. Its been pretty painful honestly. I worked a bit and then I would take time off and go find more farmers. And I did this over and over until I connected with the world. Finally I have reached enough people where I can just ask to talk to anyone. I have worked with the Mexican mafias and drug cartels to help them stop raising money for the Mexican Berlin wall. They no longer have to sell their drugs to people working for my Dad. We created a better way for them. So I reached my goal of reaching Mexico. They may not have been able to help me directly. But without the money from their drug sales my Dad is not as powerful. Every group I have reached has helped me in some way. I have the ability to connect us all. Somehow the world has been unable to communicate freely. I’m the one communication hub my Dad has no control over. He gave me this ability to broadcast and it has been what saved my life. He wanted to hurt me and dominate me, but he gave me the gift I needed to overcome him. He gave me the world without knowing what he did. And it all started with Salem. They let me know you all wanted my help and you wanted change. I love the people of Salem. They gave me hope when I really needed it.

This revolution has been slow going but with time it seems to be picking up and gaining momentum. Here I sit literally talking to the world. I was never supposed to escape Eugene/Springfield and here I am talking to the world. You all make me feel rich and blessed. I cant explain how amazing it is to have actually reached you all. I wish this was the end and the victory, but its just the beginning still.

Today I realized my Dad is setting me up to fail in real estate just like he did in insurance. I can read the chemicals that are released in people’s brains when they talk to me, both over the phone and in person. I may not understand what they mean right away, but it always makes sense in time. I am not going to be able to join a real estate team. I’m going to have to go alone and it’s going to be me against the world. I have some money saved and I got a credit increase on my credit card. But this is scary. Because now I fully understand what all is on the line. And I understand you all were not able to control all the people in real estate like I requested. We literally needed to control one industry in order to guarantee our survival. And you all weren’t able to do it. Luckily I realized what was happening before they wasted my time and resources. So we get one more shot at this. This is the final shot and the clock is ticking. I dont know how to explain how important the next 6 months to a year is. I need all the leaders to be actively engaged in this revolution every day. You all cant be in a reactive state like you have been. You all need to fight this revolution with me every day actively. If you slack we all loose. We can’t afford days off. Not even Sundays for church. We have to fight every day. I understand you all didn’t sign up for this and it came out of the blue. Because that’s how I encountered it too. I never wished for any of this. All I ever have wanted was to be ordinary and have a good job and live a good life. However you all signed up to be leaders. I need you all to be leaders and actively engage daily in making this revolution a success for us all. I can’t tell you all what to do everyday. You all have different strengths and thats good because we need as many strengths and strategies as possible. I’m on the front lines everyday and my Dad spends all of his waking hours trying to figure out how to destroy me and you all’s chance at freedom and better. I’m going to be honest I cant handle another big let down like I experienced today. I literally have the world working against my Dad and you all let him win. What are you doing? Do you all understand what is on the line? What are you doing? I dont understand why you all aren’t taking this more seriously. I have explained so much. And you all understand that I am the only way out of this mess right? I am grateful for all the help you all have given me. But it’s not enough. You all dont get your freedom until I am free. I dont make up the rules to this imaginary game you all play. But I know you all are really invested in this game. Otherwise people wouldn’t have tried to kill me my whole life. If you are invested in this game, getting your freedom, and in making your children into a human more on a gene level then I need you all to be actively engaged every day. And you all need to figure out how to work together. This is a war, but we all are on the same side. If you all dont learn to communicate on your own with each other so we can work together, we are never going to win. I understand I am the hub that brings us all together. But you all need to make friends with each other and communicate. Because I am here on the front lines trying to win my life and you all need to be backing me up as much and wherever possible. I dont have the time or capacity to always tell you what I need done. I need you all to think ahead and strategize together. This is a war and I know you all have gone to war before. I literally have no resources but I have worked with what I do have and reached you all. Against all odds here I am talking to you all. Against all odds I’m alive. I need you all to keep me alive and I need you all to allow me to have a good life. I need a career to have a good life. I can give you all my banking information if you just want to send me money instead. But I’m pretty sure that would go against the rules to your imaginary game. I have my checking account at Oregon community credit union just in case it’s not against the rules. Lol. If it was that easy it would be amazing right! So you all need to network and find each other and communicate. Here in the United states I found the farmers on Google. If I can figure out how to find the leaders so can you all. I had no clue who I was looking for, but I found you all.

Here is the bottom line. No one will ever do business with me in the overt world in real estate unless you all can control the people here in Eugene/Springfield Oregon. Maybe you need to send people here to live. I could sell them houses. But you need to figure out how to get the people here on lockdown. This back and forth game we are playing with my Dad will never allow me success or you freedom. I feel like you all are doing half ass work. I don’t mean to be rude. But its literally the world against my Dad and you are letting him win. I am on your side and I won over most of the world before reaching you all. These aren’t fancy people left fighting for him. Its literally everyday normal regular people. They are stealing from us all. I thought people with power were supposed to put regular ordinary people in their place. You all wouldn’t be able to retain your place of power if you were really this shitty at putting regular people in their place. Your imaginary game is way too important to you all for you to be this poor at controlling people. So I know you all aren’t doing your best.

So tonight you are going to start doing your best and taking this war seriously. I completely understand it’s time consuming and annoying but when we win the world will thank you. This is the most serious war of our lifetimes. I need you all to act accordingly and get the people in line. You were trained your whole lives for this opportunity to be powerful and create great change and an even bigger name for your families. This is the opportunity you all have been waiting for. It’s time to prove yourselves. I have proven myself. Now it’s your turn to prove yourselves and that you are worthy of the place of power you have.

I need you all to do better because I can’t do this alone and I have been giving my all 100% of the time for almost 2 years now. Even before that I healed cancer in the desert. There was no margin for error. I understand you all probably have had lives of privilege. But you need to earn that privilege now.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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