Friday July 22 2022 Moon in Taurus Sun in Leo Dear Dad

Dear Dad

How’s your colon doing? It’s been 479 days now. What you been eating? I’ve been eating raw meat because it bypasses my colon. I have written to you on numerous occasions throughout the past year. However now I see you are the one who has underestimated me my whole life. This being underestimated has kept me alive, but honestly it’s really insulting. It’s as if you can’t see your own short comings. That leaves you with a hell of a blind spot. But you have had these short comings broadcast before I’m not the first time this has happened. What really happened in the middle east when I was young when you came home and ate ice cream on the couch with me for months? Mom loved whatever happened so it had to be bad. I bet that had something to do with your blind spots just like now.

I laid in the sun most of the day changing my ph and killing some C Diff while playing with my tarot cards. What we have is a 5 if rods situation you and me. You are the Devil and the Emperor in reverse. While I am the high priestess, the hierophant, and the magician. We are battling it out. This is my war and its against you my father. Funny cause when you die I think it makes my birthrights even fancier. I have your birthright as well. So my outcome in this 5 if Ross situation is going to be the justice card, 4 of Ross, and ten of pentacles. Your outcome is the death card.

You have taken everything from me my whole life. Even last year when I came back to Oregon all I wanted was a decent job and I got my insurance license even though the school I signed up for was a Truman show filled with things not on the exam. I have overcome so many obstacles. The only reason I did not overcome them all was because I didn’t know we were at war. However, you have known. And you still have cheated and rigged the system at every turn. Why would you do that unless you knew you are inferior? Dont you take pride in what you do? If evil is your thing, should you be proud of how you get the results you desire? Does anyone take pride in anything?

My whole life I have taken the overt world so seriously. But today I give up on taking the overt world serious at all. It’s all a lie. It’s all a weapon of destruction. You are never going to let me have any kind of good life. Slowly but sure over the past 5 years I have given up Everything. I dont need much now. Gas money, food every other day, and my dogs. I have truly learned to be a minimalist and honestly I kind of love it. I miss clean clothes and having a big bed and lotion. But other than that I’m pretty happy in my keep. I learned a long time ago to not get too attached to much of anything. And now this ability is driving you nuts because its leaves you without any means to control me.

In Vegas, you tried to get me to have my uterus taken out. But that’s an act of destruction I even knew back then. I probably will not have children who have our Gene’s because what a screwed up lineage do we come from? But as long as I’m alive and have my Female organs I will be able to have a child or three. A couple extra are probably necessary because of the families I come from.

Dad if I dont get to have a career and home where I get to spoil my munchkins aka my dogs. What am I supposed to focus on? You know I love projects. You know I have this ability to hyoerficus and be super logical putting my feelings aside. Well, today I decided that my war with you is going to be what I hyperfocus on. I dont need to be emotional about what’s happening. It’s always been happening. However now that I understand some of the rules to game I understand what I need to do in order to get my desired results. If I can’t team up with the people. I have no problem looking for your enemies. I know you have them in great numbers and I know they have more than you because they probably believe in potential. Maybe the farmers aren’t ready for what needs to be done. Maybe the Republicans from Red towns are not ready for what needs to be done. But someone will be. Its only a matter of time. Luckily you all have me this war games communication device in my head. I’m a walking talking war games communication hub. The fact that I have a blog is just icing on the cake. Modern technology is pretty amazing huh!

I have learned to make lemonade out if lemons my whole life and this situation is no different. You are weak. People have always backed down to you because of what you represent. You have never earned where you are. Privilege has gotten you to where you are. I hope death scares you because it should. You will be faced with accounting for everything you have done.

I watched you tube videos of great grandpa giving speeches in Europe during world war 2. He was pretty amazing. To be able to convince millions that genocide was the right thing to do and within their right to do is pretty incredible. He wasnt into brainwashing and poisoning people to get them to do what he wanted in masses. Sure he used propaganda and probably some NLP like tactics. And sure I’m sure there was some poison. But people were not as malnourished and genetically modified as they are now to be weak. What’s your claim to fame? What can you do so well millions of people will follow you even blindly at times? I see the people who are left following you and they are blind. I have taken away your military army. I have taken away so many things aka people you thought you would always be able to puppet master. However when people understand how you have destroyed them and set them up to fail fir generations to come they become loyal to themselves. I’m very grateful for this ability in people who have been brainwashed and diseased for a lifetime. Standing up for yourself in ways you never have before is hard. And so I am standing up for myself in ways that I never have so I can help facilitate great change that needs to take place.

So where do your greatest enemies live? I was told never to live east of Arizona. Is that where they live? Or are they in Europe? Or Argentina? I may not know where they live, but I will find them. I have accomplished the unthinkable my whole life. I guess I just keep going.

479 days and Dad I’m ready for war. You have been in the know my whole life. But now I’m in the know and I’m starting to realize how fancy I am per covert war games stuff. I’m fancier than you by a lot and its against the rules for you to declare war on me. I just have to find the right people who will stand up for what is right. Because you are out if bounds Dad. I love you, but you are out of bounds. I will always love you. I have seen your heart. It’s a good heart, but you have to listen to it for it to count. Its not supposed to be something you run from.

To all my Revolutionary people in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and everywhere else I have made it to. I need your help. I need to reach the enemies of my father. I need to reach the people in power who will want to protect me and understand what I have to offer. We all have a chance at better, but we need to reach the right people in a place of power. My Dad is out of bounds and committing treason everyday. I need your help reaching the people who can do something about this. I have been held hostage my whole life. Evil people dont scare me. I have endured the unspeakable and unthinkable. Evil people dont scare someone who has a chip in her head. My Dad doesn’t scare me because with you all finally watching he has to play by the rules more than ever before. I need you all to help me find his enemies. I need to connect with the people in the middle east. Military people I know you are tuned in. I know you all have people all over the world. Please help me find the enemies of my enemy because they will be our allies. The art of war is a simple equation. Put emotions aside and do what is necessary for the greatest good. I’m willing to give up my life to fight this war against my Dad, but you all have to help me.

Dad I love you. Be good to yourself. I wish it didn’t have to be like this. I would live to give you a hug before you die, but that’s just not in the cards for us huh?

Love Always and forever

your daughter

Nicole D Graves

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