Friday July 29 2022 Moon in Leo Sun in Leo Salem I figured It Out!

Salem can you hear me?

I figured out who my Dads enemies are and who our allies are! I dont have to go to Mexico. But I should probably still brush up on my Spanish. It’s the Argentinians. I need you all to get the Argentinians to tune in tonight at 8pm west coast time.

I did some research they live in Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, znew York City, and all of Florida. Florida has the biggest population of them, more than LA and New York combined.

My Dad has never let me be around a non Hispanic Argentinian before. That’s what his issue was with Mr. Utah, not necessarily that he was black. If I team up with the Argentinians we will be more powerful than my Dad. Plus the people on the east coast are not as scared of him as the people on the west coast because he is not in control of their lives as much and his professional cult is not as powerful in the east coast.

Get everyone to tune in tonight at 8pm west coast time. About 8pm. May not be on the dot. I know you all can do it because when I came up with the idea last night the air traffic got so bad. So get everyone to tune in. Tonight we find our allies to help us stop world war 3.

Thank you all so much and have a great Friday.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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